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What can I say about garlic? Not enough! I'm quite sure this will be a lengthy one to read, but even then I won't have covered all there is to know about garlic. I will however, give the information needed to successfully prohibit or cure the common cold or flu virus:)

Garlic is natures most effective antibiotic! Crush a clove of garlic and it can kill bacteria four inches away...including staph!!!

Garlic contains a potent chemical substance called Allicin, which is activated when the garlic clove is crushed and comes in contact with fungi or bacteria. It has a very short life span, but when used correctly is extremely effective against the most vicious bacteria. It has even been known to effectively kill tuberculosis! Garlic is most effective when taken raw. I will give you some guidelines for taking garlic to get the maximum benefits.

First, here is a list of things garlic will do for you:

Lowers blood pressure
superb circulation
Reduce cholesterol
Tone and cleanses the liver
expel parasites
strengthen the immune system
fights colds and viral infections
regulated blood sugar
kills infections due to candida

Why is garlic more effective than medicinal antibiotics? Because firstly there are no side effects that can harm you! Garlic is also more effective because it will not let bad bacteria build resistance to it, because it's potency causes the viral cells to burst, thus preventing any bacteria to linger and build resistance in the body.

Your body has natural bacteria...bacteria that fight invading bacteria, but they are destroyed when we take antibiotics. We then have to take other products to restore the balance. Garlic is effective in not only destroying the invasion of bad bacteria but restoring balance and building the immune system so our own bacteria can fight viruses and infections.

There are many ways to take garlic, but one important factor to keep in mind, is that the allicin in the garlic can be disrupted by our digestive process, so take with plenty of water if you take it raw orally, as this slows down the chemical changes the digestive process causes to the allicin.

Here are some simple recipes I use for various ailments:)

Earaches/ear infections: A cloves of garlic crushed and soaked in a 1/4 cup of ver warm water for ten minutes. Strain garlic cloves, leaving juice in the cup. Use a medicine dropper and uses a few drops in each ear every couple hours. (I have effectively cured a double ear infection using this remedy, and several ear aches)

Fevers: Garlic Enema. Ha! It really works if your child is running a very high fever. If the garlic tea, rub and drops are not getting it down fast enough or effectively, this is a sure way to drop it. For a child, crush cloves of garlic in half a cup of very warm water, let sit ten or fifteen minutes, strain cloves leaving juice, fill syringe with all the juice! (my daughter was running a high temp when she was a toddler, I resorted to giving her a garlic enema, within half an hour is was down low and by the next day she was almost 100% over her illness) This is also effective in getting rid of bacteria causing bloating, constipation, and pretty much will wipe out any illness the quick way! :)

Cold/flu: I use a simple cough syrup/antibiotic recipe. I call it the garlic cold cure:

1 head of garlic
1 1/4 cup water
juice of 1/2 lemon
2 tbsp. honey

Crush garlic cloves. Put them in a pan with the water. Bring to boil, then simmer gently for 20 minutes. Add lemon juice and honey and simmer for 2 to 3 minutes. Let the mixture cool, then strain into a clean dark glass jar or bottle with airtight lid. This syrup will keep in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks. Take 1 tbsp three times a day as a preventive or a couple tbs to cure cold/cough/flu.

I use this a LOT during the winter at the first sniffle! You can also make a garlic tea using the same ingredients, just use a couple cloves with a tbsp of lemon and honey. Good to drink throughout the day to ward of coughs, sore throats and flu viruses.

I also use a garlic chest rub for coughs colds, ect. Sometimes I crush garlic and set in olive oil. OR you can try it with vasoline. Best used on the chest or soles of your feets where it is absorbed the fastest.

Skin infection: Use garlic rub as mentioned above or cut a clove in half and use topically, it will BURN, but only for a will most definitely cure your skin infection/athletes foot ect.

For my fellow campers and hikers out there: I have successfully rid bugs from my tent by hanging garlic! Also if you left the soap at home or need to disinfect something like a pot or pan, maybe a water bottle, ect. rubbing half a clove on the object will kill any bacteria on contact!

Toothache or gum infection: Place a half of a garlic clove between your cheek and the infected tooth, it may burn a little, but it will surely kill the infection and give you some pain relief...after the burn subsides:) My husband has done this several times and went to bed with the garlic clove because it helped is toothache. Also a good thing to do when you're suffering from a bad sore throat.

Speaking of sore throats: Crush two cloves of garlic to sit in a cup of very warm water for ten minutes. Add Sea salt. Gargle. Do this several times a day. This will kill the bacteria causing the infection in your throat.

Here some "extra" info I thought was very interesting:

Human population studies show that eating garlic regularly reduces the risk of esophageal, stomach, and colon cancer. This is partly due to garlic's ability to reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds. Animal and test tube studies also show that garlic, and its sulfur compounds, inhibit the growth of different types of cancer-especially breast and skin tumors.

More than 250 publications have shown that garlic supports the cardiovascular system. It may lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, inhibit platelet stickiness (aggregation), and increase fibrinolysis-which results in a slowing of blood coagulation. It is mildly antihypertensive and has antioxidant activity

Garlic is one of the most beneficial foods for the digestive system. It exercises a beneficial effect on the lymph, aids in elimination of noxious waste matter in the body. It stimulates peristaltic action and the secretion of the digestive juices. Crushed cloves of garlic may be infused in water or milk and taken for all types of disorders of the digestion. It has an antiseptic effect and is an excellent remedy for infectious diseases and inflammations of the stomach and intestine. The oil of garlic is absorbed into the alimentary tract and is eliminated partly through the urine.

Garlic produces a very marked effects on the intestine. It is an excellent agent as a worm expeller. It has also a soothing effect on the various forms of diarrhoea. Problems such as colitis, dysentery and many other intestinal upsets can be successfully treated with fresh garlic or garlic capsules One garlic capsule taken three times a day is usually sufficient to correct mild cases of diarrhoea or dysentery. For more persistent cases, upto six capsules a day can be taken. Garlic has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria in the intestines without affecting the beneficial organisms which aid digestion.

Well, that's all for now folks! I may come back here and post some more remedies using garlic if they come to mind later. I hope you find this information beneficial for your family. Please leave a comment if you find these remedies helpful and how you used them to help other readers.

Thank you for reading! :)


Our growing family said...

Love this!
I am a bit obsessed with garlic...oh, yes! I am Italian, so I'm sure that why! We eat garlic ALL the time!
I love elephant garlic roasted with EVOO...and I CAN eat the whole thing myself (which I don't recommend as your system will not appreciate the OD on garlic!)
We laugh about how crazy I am with garlic...I have had it in my bra to stop the beginings of mastasis (it worked!), had it in my eye (by squirted out of the press...and BURNED...I don't recommend. But it is hilarious to think about now!), and I do put it in ears (the way you wrote about) when I notice pulling and fussiness-they are better by morning!
I seriously love the stuff and I think I use it nearly every day!
I just made some fermented garlic for the first time...I can't wait to use it!
One of my new favorite ways to eat it...VERY thin raw slices with some beef. Powerful, not for the faint, but so delicous! =)
Thanks for the great post!
tarena (garlic smellin' girl! =)!)

HOPE said...


Garlic in this and Garlic in that...
take it daily just like that!

Put it in all you eat...
Really.. really, it can't be beat!

A cure for so many things...
Look at all the happiness it brings!

Garlic in this and Garlic in that...
Let me tell you...


by me...the garlic tester for Aubrey!

Carrie said...

Love the poem about garlic! That would have been cute in the cookbook!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Hello Aubrey! You put this sensible, valuable information in such a charming format.
I must agree with's a miraculous little bulb!
Ginger is also another little miracle worker.