Monday, October 12, 2009

Hiking with the Family!

Michael was off today...Happy Columbus Day! So we went to the westside boundary of the Adirondacks to go hiking in the Independence River State Forest! We took the kids so we did a six mile hike to Gleasman Falls! It was beautiful out...and VERY cold! I think it was 35 degrees out. The trees were beautiful and the trail was painted in golds, reds, and orange colors. When we reached the Falls, we ate a picnic and listening to the music of the waterfalls and the babbling brook behind us!

Registering at the case we went missing;)

Haleigh taking a break at Burnt Creek.

Lead hiker--Avery

Beaver hut through the trees :)

We were looking for the beaver who ate this for lunch.

Anybody missing a pair of shorts????

Time for a break at another footbridge...the kids liked to stop and see how deep the water was with their hiking sticks.

Oh look! The perfect bench to take a break!

Can you see the leaves under the water?

Finally, we can relax at the Falls!

Gleasman Falls was a bit concealed, but as far as we could see the Falls were continuous!


My favorite hiking partner! :) This is me when I'm makeup, no contacts..blah...;)


HOPE said...

The first pic Daddy and Haleigh have the same GRIN!

Great pics and another wonderful FAMILY time...

Shorts! LOL..we have a tree in the back that looks like pants upside down..I'll have to post mine now!

LOVE THE LAST PIC..natural BEAUTY and well, um the guy...I guess that's his natural look too! hee hee... LOVE it..and making me cry!!!

STOP doing that!!!

J.H said...

oh, I love the picture of the fallen leaves on the water. They are great!
I hope you have a great time with your favorite "hiking partner" :-)

Parchey Family said...


I have been on this trail many times. My dad, brother and myself like to fish at Burnt Creek and many other places off the trail. Just last Spring we all went fishing and I fell in a swamp. My dad had a good laugh at my expense. Thank you for this post it brings back wonderful memories. I can see how close your children are with their father. I also have a very special bond with my dad. Angie

A.B. said...

Hey love the hiking pictures!!!! Gorgeous
We went camping and hiking this past weekend in Oconee State Park. It was an awesome getaway, I just wish I would have taken as many pictures as you did.
Hey... I would love to talk and catch up. Is there an evening after 9PM that would be good for you, email me. My reg cell minutes for this month are all used up with baby/adoption related phone calls. That is why I haven't called you yet and I hate to interrupt your family time in an evening. Catch you later!