Tuesday, October 13, 2009

IMO of this news!

Recently, like midnight tonight...I was reading some readers responses to the news story of the six yr old boy who was recently sentenced to a reform school for 45 days, because he took his camping untensil knife he got from boyscouts to school!



Since when were a spoon and fork a weapon??? I'll be careful what I bring to the next church picnic!

I got sex predators walking the streets and we're sentencing a 6 yr old to reform school because he took his eating ustensil to school?

My six year old would be scared to death if I were to rip her out of a school she's comfortable in and throw her into a new school, new teachers, new kids because she took her new toy to school!!!! She packs her new toys in her purse all the time to show off to people. I have a six yr old nephew that I assure you wouldn't have a clue why they thought he should go to a reform school? How devasting it would be to feel like your a bad kid and you have to go to a school for bad kids? And they call the parent abusive that spanks their child or put them in the corner??? Talk about breaking the child's spirit! 45 days in a reformed school? and that's gonna teach him what???

You mean the teacher that tattled on him wasn't big enough to just take the camping utensil away and give to him at the end of the day with a note to his parents that he had taken it to school?

My son has taken his utility knife on field trips ect...with no ill-intention whatsoever...just being a boy who feels like a real outdoorsman ....proud to have his own pocket knife...to punish a 6 YEAR OLD like that for 45 DAYS!!! Really? Do you think he really understands? Why didn't they put the parents in a reformed school for LETTING the child take it??? What's the reformed school gonna do? I could see maybe suspending the child for a couple of days to get the message across to the parents.

That's cruel IMO to place the child in a different school....He's only six PEOPLE! He probably was scared to death to go to the school he was in...then they go ripping him out of school he was getting comfortable in and throw him in a new school with new teachers and new kids? I know my six yr old would be devasted!!!

But hey...another reason why I homeschool! So I can make reasonable jugdement about my own child and not leave the consequences in the hands of someone who doesn't know my child or care about him/her like I do...and is not concerned about how it will affect my six yr old in the future or what damage or harm could affect them when they get put into a reformed school!

The boy's mother has launched a website for support at www.helpzachary.com

Feel free to leave a comment and share your opinions about this story! It's a free country...my husband fights for the freedom of speech...speak up!


HOPE said...



You BET your husband and brothers and bro in law are FIGHTING TO KEEP OUR RIGHTS...and GOD bless them all!


HOPE said...

and NOW they have WON the case...AMEN!