Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hi Hi Hi!!!! I'm excited to show you my Pottery Barn DIY!!! I LOOOOOVVVEEEE Pottery Barn!!!!!!!!!! That is one catalog that stays in my magazine rack year round, NOT that I order anything....shhhhhh....I just COPY everything I like! Anyway, I just received their Thanksgiving catalog! I KNOW! I didn't know they had one either! Well, let me tell you I was droooooling, then I just decided I was going to work to make my own stuff!

So here is PB's display piece for Fall. Look at the vase with the pics to the left!

I LOVED it! But I didn't have walnuts, so I used the long skinny pinecones in my yard, and dried leaves from the Maple trees along my driveway!!! THEN............ I went online to PB and saw ANOTHER vase that they had put leaves in!

HA! I HAD the idea first Mister!

Here is mine!

I love the idea of putting black and white photos along side the vase.

My vase was a purchase from IKEA (my other favorite store) that I got when I went to Seattle. Twigs for nest in the bottom, leaves, and pinecones from my yard! Candle was a clearance at Walmart I had, pictures I had!!!

The only words from hubby, "well, it's a good thing you don't have anything flammable in there!" ;)

So my PB DIY here was FREE...well, cuz it was stuff I had around my!

NOW for my next reveal! I don't have the PB picture of their Thanksgiving Bunting...couldn't find it...BUT here is a pic of my bunting I made last night!

Fabric was quilt fat quarters I've had forever. I had this wild hair to make a mosaic messenger bag awhile back....jah...I know! Annnnyyywaayyy...the seam binding which is green was .50 at walmart on clearance and was the perfect length of ribbon for my bunting. I cut coordinating letters I had drawn on paper to use for a pattern and put on oppisite colors! It says THANKS! I wish I had put THANKFUL! But I was too lazy to go back and undo...maybe next year:)

So did I pass the PB DIY test???? tee hee... it was fun anyway...hope I gotcha in the mood for crafting your own FAll decor!


Kim -today's creative blog said...

Love it! I need that catalog.
Link this next Tuesday to my Get Your Craft On.

A.B. said...

I love pottery barn too!!!!! and I never buy from their catalog either.
I adore what you did! Your creativity is amazing!!!!!

Sarah said...

I love PB too! And yes, you did a super fantabulous job!!! God's blessings, Sarah :D

HOPE said...


Hee hee..yea..NOTHING flammable at all...noooo!

Do MEN understand DECORATING!!!!..nooooooo

now to go find my hurricane CANDLE holder...

Audra said...

Simply stunning and oh so Pottery Barn without the cost. You are truly a Frugal Missus as well. Love Love the leaves. Unfortunately leaves don't turn color in my area, or atleast not past yellow. Maybe when I visit my daughter or family again I can pick up pine cones and leaves.


Parchey Family said...

I love the vase idea and I like yours better than PB because you used real nature. You are very creative. Angie

Paula Kathlyn said...

LOVE the vase arrangement! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Where are you guys stationed now? We are currently at Knox which is soon to be Benning. I just want to sit here and comment forever so I can listen to the music on your blog! haha