Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear diary ....thank God it's over with

Thank God it’s over with!!! My doctor’s visit. It has been 7 yrs
since I saw a GYN! My excuse? Well, I saw a doctor for the
first 6 years of my marriage every month
…four pregnancies
in a row will do that to a person! So yeah, I took a break!
I went today because as most of you know my mother is taking
radiation therapy for breast cancer, so I needed to go as a
precaution, since we think this disease is hereditary. I
should have results next week, although not worried about it!

So I woke up this morning to a LOOOONG trail of turquoise/teal
….I mean paw prints. They traveled EVERYWHERE upstairs…
around the rim of the toilet…over the bathtub…and into the tub itself.
I don’t know what my cat got into, but two of his paws were colored.
He was on the hunt for fresh water…he refuses to drink out of his
bowl though! I would’ve gotten a picture, but lil’ girl cleaned
his paws.

I was so happy with myself! I finished all my assignments and
they’re not due till next Monday! I still have two tests though,
but at least I’m able to enjoy my family this weekend, especially
with soldier leaving soon.

Friday we celebrated daughter H 10th birthday!!! She loves horses,
puzzles, drawing, and playing on the computer. She is still very
much a tomboy…she could care less about clothes, boys, make-up,
dollies, ect. She’s a sweet girl, loves to talk, does her chores,
and loves to make friends. I’m looking forward to learning some
new things together this year!


Big sis and Lil sis @ the bowling alley. Haleigh wanted to go
bowling that day!

Mom & the birthday girl!

So happy my soldier gets another four day weekend! I think we're
going to have friends to lunch on Saturday...and maybe go for a
hike on one of the trails in the parks on base. Just maybe I'll
even make time to hit the gym!

Army Wife


HOPE said...

Mmm...the evidence on the kitty disappeared...

Nice that the pics show up so big..I can kiss the screen and give you all a hug SMOOCHIE..


HOPE said...

Looking at the kitty on the side bar...

YES..HE IS GUILTY!!! look at that SMILE...uh huh...and the paw stretch...yep ...GUILTY!

Sarah said...

I miss you!

sasicas said...

Happy late birthday Haleigh! Looks like an awesome day.

And yay for finally getting that appt over with.