Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Diary

58 degrees out and tons of sun!

Finished 1 assignment of four,thankfully
not due until next Monday..along with two exams.

My dog likes to clean the catbox... motivation
for checking it every morning and night. ugh.

Soldiers flight dates changed twice already today!
I shall finally have the patience of Job after this deployment!

Cleaned top to bottom of house and had dinner in the
crockpot by 10am this morning! Whoo-hoo

Is algebra still necessary?

Really nosy why my neighbor was arrested last night
in front of our house? We live on post...should I feel
safe the MP's caught him...or that we needed the MP's
at all on our street? hmmm.....

Wondering if vacuuming the dog will make him shed less?!

I got excited today when my soldier handed me a new
Pottery Barn catalog and my Country Living! My junk

Watched the movie Hurt Locker with soldier. Not sure a
good idea with him leaving. But we're a sucker for war
movies! Well, any good patriotic story!

Love the way my cat greets me at my bedroom door
every morning. I try not to take it personal (I know
he just want breakfast) =)


J.H said...

Wow, you plan to vacuum your dog?
If you have tried let me know the outcome :-)

p.s : when are your soldier leaving? my consultant leaving in sept. But here it comes the whole ordeal of house moving business before he left :-) Thanks for your prayer.

zookeeperjess said...

Vacuuming the dog, now there's an idea! I have a boxer that sheds like crazy, oh and 2 cats!

Algebra necessary? Pleh :)

Oh and said Boxer likes to clean out the catbox too. GROSS!