Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi everyone

Hello everyone!

I just looked at the last date I posted! :0

I have so much going on in my life, I hope
you understand. Hopefully, I will be back
to happily blogging every week/day once our
"new normal" resumes, following soldier's

To bring you up-to-date, we moved onto post!
Soldier is deploying very shortly.

Last Sunday, our church gave soldier a going-away
party. My pastor's wife made this enormous cake!
I thought it was pretty special.

Monday starts a new semester for me. I am finally pursuing
my degree in Complementary and Alernative Medicine! My
classes this month are; Anatomy and Physiology...Nutrition!
I'm super excited to get started. My major will mostly be
dealing with Herbs, but I will also be studying Aromatherapy
and nutrition throughout the program!

Soldier had a four day weekend
and we headed for Sacketts Harbor!

Very historic place...the war of 1812. We got to see the Madison Barracks,
Union hospital, and walk around the battlefield with it's
original stone wall built along side Lake Ontario.
Being from the South, we fully expected to also enjoy a
relaxing day at the beach!

HA! Well, the town was pretty dead, not to mention "the beach".
It was completely frozen over. So here we have a few pics of
soldier and the children walking around on the ice covered
Lake Ontario!

I must say it was a little creepy
watching them walk NEXT to the peer!
Do you see the tire tracks? They actually drive their cars to
the other side of the lake. Not me...I might PUSH my car to the
other side, but I won't be driving it! ;)

Looking across the water to Canada!

Silly tourists...

The Union HospitalPhotobucket

Something you may not know about me...I am a sucker for
museums, include antique buildings, I love history,
I love to imagine what life was like back then...I love touring
old towns, especially those who preserved the history and
structures of days gone by.

Well, it is getting late here and I have a busy, busy

Blessings to you~ Aubrey


HOPE said...

Wonderful pic! I was over come with tears at the pic of you and your soldier...I could see so much maturity in his he's been husband,dad,friend and now soldier!

Yep...kinda scary walking on the LAKE...a memory maker for sure!

Hugs to all...loving you with all my heart.

Audra said...

Thank you for sharing your outing and these wonderful pictures. I am right there with, museums, architecture, really old buildings. They make me feel centered and at home. Crazy I know, but it's just one of those feelings you don't get with new homes and buildings.

Will be waiting for you to get back as soon as you can. Take care of you, hug your soldier for us from Arizona and let him know that he is our hero!

J.H said...

Hi Aubrey,
Hope your enjoy your time with your soldier husband while he is here. I will be soon in the same shoes as you, not having my husband all the time at home anymore (he is not a soldier though). I hope you can share with me some tips and tricks on handling the home while husband are absent :-)