Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Sunday

Good evening...I hope you had a pleasant weekend.

I had my monthly book club friday night. We discussed the book
The Five Love Languages. We also eat a
lot at these club meetings, but not as much as we laugh.
Which is a good thing, because maybe all that laughing and giggling,
works off the food we ate =)

Five Love Languages Pictures, Images and Photos

Meanwhile, soldier took the kiddos out for dinner, ice cream
and bowling. Which they said they had a blast! I wish I could've
been there to take pictures!

I was completely disappointed to learn this afternoon that I CAN'T
plant a thing...until the middle of MAY.
Sheesh! That's practically the middle of summer where I'm from!
Well, I said that won't stop me from ordering my seeds and
starting some seedlings!!!

Gardens and Landscapes Pictures, Images and Photos

We're shopping for another car. The one we have is posing
problems in the near future and soldier is uncomfortable
with leaving me behind without a reliable car.

I told him I thought this would be pretty reliable. ;)
my car!!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Wishing you all a wonderful week~ Aubrey


HOPE said...

CUTE....but I don't think 4 kids...a dog and cat will fit..but they sure would enjoy the wind in their face!!


sasicas said...

I LOVE that car! We couldnt fit in it either *sniff sniff* Stupid carseats HA!

LOVE the book too. I just finished it last week, now Im on to the 5 Love Languages of children. Bought the teenager one for my mom too.

Aubrey said...

I've been wanting to read the love languages for children, let me know how you like it! We're reading Every Woman's Battle this month by Shannon Ethridge(?) not sure about the last name.

Shannon said...

Hey Aubrey,

I finally found time to check this out. You are so talented! I love it!

By the way...definitely tan for your bedroom and mintish green for the girls room.

Copper is gorgeous. I like the cat too.

The bedroom furniture is lovely and if I had the money to throw around and they were good quality lamps, I might spend that much because they were perfect!

Love you and uh happy 21st again! ;)

~Shannon (you know) Reiter

Audra said...

I love, love, love the pink bug. My neighbor has one in black, both her sisters have one (bright green for the oldest and bright yellow of the youngest). When they all converge on my neighbors house I want to run over and hug the bugs!

So glad you are back. I missed you dear friend.