Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear diary...4 days into deployment

Soldier has arrived safely in Afganistan. I was so happy he was
able to call and use his ipod to message me on Facebook!
They may not have internet/phone where they are going, but
I have an address to write and send care packages!

Son took goodbye pics of soldier and I....
he was trying to be funny...I think to hide emotions!

This one is for my mom :D

Needless to say, I probably won't be hanging these up!

Now he decides to smile and I'm not, imagine that!

The point I guess, is that we had fun taking these and
we had the kids laughing hysterically at their dad! :D

Second week of school finished!
Last week I made A's on all exams and assignments! This week
I struggled to focus on school, as it was time for soldier to
deploy. I managed to turn in all assignments and tests on time.
I just found out today I made A's on assignments and exam in
Health. Hopefully I do the same in Anatomy.

My simple, humble model of a Nitrogen Atom for anatomy class!
This was made with colored-dyed marshmellows, yarn, and tooth-
picks! My kids loved this project...especially the part where
they eat the leftover marshmellows! :D

Can't believe next weekend is Easter already. But I'm so
ready for spring!

Tomorrow I will be entering a photo into a photography
contest here on post!
:D I'll share the pic next post!

Off to catch up on laundry and perhaps a card game with
the kids tonight! :D

Army Wife


Carrie said...

I'm so glad your soldier made it safely to Afghanistan. We are praying and thinking of you. Love you!

HOPE said...

Whatta man... for his MIL hee hee...I always love it when Soldier does his sillies...

Great pics... and colorful MARSHMALLOWS..mmmm!!

Audra said...

Sorry I have been MIA... loads of stuff going on here. I have been keeping the soldier in my thoughts and prayers. As well as you and your sweet kiddos.

How exciting is it to be going back to school? I would be freaking out! I am sure you are doing fabulous, it's in your nature!


Vanessa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I guess you and I are in the same boat with these deployments huh?

Mine is leaving soon, it's getting extremely close.
Although, I'm a Canadian military wife, if you ever feel like chatting, let me know!

Great photos of you and hubby!

sasicas said...

What a goofball ;) Have fun with your school work. Stay busy, the time will FLY by. Tell him to push his leave as far out as possible, once he comes home on R&R you will be totally done with the deployment, dont get stuck like we did having it 6 months into the 15 month deployment.