Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Diary...do I have to leave the house?

I really really really don't like New York's rules
and policies on registering or insuring a vehicle.
We bought a vehicle last month.Basically to
register a vehicle here, you need your great-grandmas birth
certificate, your mother's marriage certificate, great uncle's
death certificate and a vial of blood from your last

Oooookkkkaayy...I'm exaggerating, but only a little!

So I'm thinking we registered and insured our vehicle,
which btw you must have FULL coverage, doesn't matter if
you car is missing a door or a steering wheel
, ya gotta
have full coverage! AND you must have your vehicle inspected
every year in New York! So yes we complied. Then yesterday
I get a letter from our insurance company saying in order
to have physical damage coverage, I need to take the car
into have it inspected and taken pictures of.

Me. "Yes sir, my inspection stickers are good for a year!"

Indian dude
. "Yes maum, boot you must geet it inspected to
verrrrridify dat it was not in a prrrrrevius axeedent,
prrrrior to you purchasing the veheeicle."

I wanted to choke the phone!

Do they only offer customer service and telemarketing
degrees in India? I would like to know!



Kelly Johnson said...

Praying for you while soldier is away. I remember those days well. LOVED your accent in type for the telephone guy! I agree, go tomorrow! Kelly

HOPE said...


Now to get back to my message recorded that I erased that said..IF YOU ARE A TELEMARKETER...PLEEEEEEZE STOP CALLING!!!

Remmeber I had the guy who called back and asked..WHY YOU HANG UP ON ME!!!

and then another who LEFT A MESSAGE..

OH my...hope the car situation turns out okay..check with someone else to verify it's ligit.


sasicas said...

Make sure you take your POA for the car stuff, if you have one take a copy of his ID card too...been there done that but its easy over here, theres never even anyone at the registration places here, its awesome ;) Of course being from Cali, Im used to standing in line at the DMV for an entire day just to be told to go to a different line ;)

Oh and look on the states site to see if there is paperwork to sign and fill out to get a discount on the registration, another plus over here too.

Yes no news is good news as the hubs told ya, its annoying but you get used to it after awhile.

Sarah said...

HAHA You crack me up! Hope everyone is back on their feet and stuff with the car goes well today!

J.H said...

Hahahaa... this is too funny!
Especially the bit whereby you copy the way he speaks :D :D excellllend!

A.B. said...

Hey girl,
Sorry I have been out of the loop.
Thanks for posting all the pictures and updates. I have been thinking about you and soldier so much, and praying for you guys too.
I'm gonna call you, maybe tonight, if not tonight than hopefully tomorrow night.

BTW, loved your post, LOL! You made me smile.

Right now I'm snowed under, in a rather southern way, :-)
seeing as it was actually 85 degrees outdoors yesterday.
We are planting a bigger garden than we have ever planted before and starting up a 10 bed aquaponics system.
Plus the usual... school, office work, etc.
Oh yeah, Wanna free 8 week old puppy, the day we had snow here, (hah hah, imagine that) our dog Macy had 8 puppies, 6 made it? They really are adorable, but we don't need 6 more dogs. I got rid of three on Craigslist and have 3 more to go.
GTG, catch you soon.