Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dear Diary....missin my soldier tonight

I'm learning everyday that....being strong doesn't mean you can't
cry, you won't have bad days, you won't need your mom, and you won't
cave into foods you shouldn't eat
! I guess it means you may
have moments like that, but you pick yourself up, dance in the rain,
and smile when you realize that your heart is just too full to quit.

I like this quote from Nancy Reagan, “A woman is like a
tea bag, you can not tell how strong she is until you
put her in hot water”

Today is Saturday. It was kinda of a bad day. We usually are doing
something away from home with the family. I felt very much like my cat
We went to the mall yesterday to get new dress and outfits for the
boys and girls. Maybe we should've did that today instead. I am very
people person, so maybe it's not a good idea to stay home so much on
the weekends. I am looking forward to Resurrection Sunday and the

Thursday night I had a great time with "the girls"!

It was book club night, but we also had planned a baby shower
for Jess, the awesomest neighbor, that I "ditched" to move
on post! *sigh*

We served chocolate fondue and cut up fruit! I made cupcakes!
See my cupcake server??? *cheese*

I used one of my goblets to seperate the tiers, since I
had so many cupcakes.


It was fun and I can't wait to me baby Eli Benjamin! =)
Tomorrow I'm taking pics at church. My kids are gonna look so
cute in their new outfits. Can't wait to show them off!



Audra said...

First of all! HUGS! Sorry you are apart from the husband, we are still keeping in him our thoughts and prayers! I think of you often and wonder how you are holding up. You are a mighty warrior woman, I know that you will hold on and persevere.

That is the most darling cupcake tower I have ever seen1 What a frugal testament!. Making something out of nothing. Love the baby shower, it all looked so yummy.

Happy Easter, enjoy the day with the kids. Sending some warm wishes and hopefully warm spring weather your way!

sasicas said...

Suck it up solider....wife ;) Just kidding.

You can do it, like Ive said before the beginning is tough, you will get used to it, well as 'used to it' as you can get. Stay busy. Go to the base gym, use your child care hours, take the kids out for some fun.

Sarah said...

See this is when you call for some company! I'm planning on coming out sometime next week..if you had some free time and wanted some company that is!

Jessica said...

If you ever need something to do just call me up, and I am sure we can figure out something to do to keep you busy! I had a wonderful time at the shower everything was delicious and we were very blessed by everyone's thoughtfulness, and even though you "ditched" me I am thankful you are still close enough to visit!

J.H said...

oh how I hope that we stayed just a block far so that we can cheer each other up while our husband is on duty.
By the way, you are doing a great job for that baby shower... how I wish I have time to bake :-)