Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear Diary ...1 month into deployment....

Yesterday I received a letter from soldier...handwritten!
These are the best! I've saved all his letters he's ever
written...including the letters we wrote to each other
while we were dating. awww...I know! I made a
scrapbook that holds all these letters. And no I'm
not going to share them with you :P However, I will say
if he was trying to make me fall in love all over again,
all he'd have to do is write a letter, cuz he sure knows
how to make a girl's heart melt with his writing!

There's many things I love about this man, but one that
steals my heart everytime, is his tender-hearted, sensitive
spirit. He wears his feelings on his sleeves and he's not
afraid to say how he feels. It's rare to find a man like


Roadrunner(oldest) went on his first turkey hunt this
weekend! He didn't come back with a turkey, but I think
he still had a great time! He is in the middle here.

The other boys are Roadrunner's best buds! We met this
family not long after getting to our post. They are both
local veterinarians and the sweetest family you'll meet!
They live on this beautiful 200 acre farm...they have about
14 dairy cows they milk everyday. That is little girl
running freely, wildly....down the hill to the barn.
Here little girl got her picture on top of the hill.
Farmer's wife was telling me that they had been wanting
a pond on their land...little did they know the past year
a beaver and his family were donating time and effort to
provide this dear family with the pond of their dreams.
And yes...they did just that...the two pics below are works
of the beaver family...little girl is actually standing on
the dam built by the beavers....they built this dam on top
of a TEENIE TINY stream and built it up to stop the water,
thus creating this's about 3 feet at least. They
are now looking for ducks and otters to share the pond!
Amazing isn't it??? I was impressed. Now if I could
borrow one of their beavers and let them landscape my
backyard..I would love a goldfish pond! :P

We have enjoyed the Spring weather...finally spring is
here. Now if it will only stay so I can get some plants
in the ground.

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Paula Kathlyn said...

The picture of your little girl on the hill looks like it is from The Sound of Music :) Great pic!