Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Diary...its SNOWING!!!

Yes! It is the end of April and it has been snowing all day!
Yesterday was 68, warm, and sunny....only in New York!

Well, spring may stubbornly wait outdoors, but indoors we
are making spring happen...in the form of tiny buds of
wildflowers in our cups the kids decorated.

I have now just sat down with the girls to open
my new scrapbook goodies I ordered from Jess who is
my consultant for close to my heart! Love their stuff!
We have so many birthdays ect in May, we needed to get
some cards made! We had lots of fun making them and moving
our shoulders up and down to Frank Sinatra!




The card pictured above are ones I made for
birthdays next month. I don't know that I'm done with them,
I sat down to scrapbook around three o'clock next thing I
know little girl is telling me her tummy growled 3 times
and I look at the clock and it's 5:30pm! Whew...where did
the time go!


This is cowgirl's thankyou card!



This is little girl's thank you card she created!


Sunday night we had game night! Our favorites are
Apples to Apples and Cranium! Oh and Twister! :)

It's funny how your kids go through stages. Roadrunner(oldest)
loves board games and we usually get him one for gifts. Cowgirl
(oldest girl)loves to do puzzles and read about horses. Little girl
likes to play with horses and barbies. Private (2nd son) loves legos,
anything military, and drawing!

Soldier finally got to call me this morning! Reception is
poor and he has to call several times to get through, but
thank God he was able to this morning! He has been going
to bed at midnight and getting up at 4am to go on missions!
He is doing good and thanks you for all your prayers and

He gets to come home sooner than thought for Rest and
Relaxation. We were hoping it would be more towards the
middle of deployment, so it wouldn't seem so long, but
God has other plans and he'll be home in a couple months
for a 2 week visit! We are planning a trip to Washington
DC and home for a visit to SC, while he's here.

If you have any tips for me on places to stay or eat,
I'd love to hear them! I like to be prepared and plan
ahead, as we have 4 kiddos going with us! =D

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Jessica said...

Don't you just love New York weather? Glad to hear soldier is doing well, and thankful you will get to see him soon! Gotta tell ya, as your Close To My Heart consultant you guys made some wonderful cards! I am glad you finally got to open up your goodies! I am sorry we did not have much of a chance to talk on Sunday. Only 5 more days until my c-section, I can not wait! Have a great night!

HOPE said...

Places to STAY and EAT!!
..uh um...RIGHT here..at nana's HOUSE will do fine!!

Well what a bunch..A Roadrunner..cowgirl..little girl and a Private!!

They do recall right?... that your name is Indian Princess Work A LOT...

Parchey Family said...


You might want to check and see if they would let you Fort Belvoir post lodging while you visit DC. It is cheaper than hotels and we are just over the border into Virginia. We basically live in DC. When is your trip planned b/c if it requires a service member who lives on post we would be glad to help you use the lodging here on post. My parents have stayed in it a couple of times. If you need any further help shoot me an email, angieparch@yahoo.com

hushmama said...

we planted seeds in cup last year and my kids loved it..going to buy seeds today now :)
cute kids and cards too!

~~Deby said...

busy...busy....that is good....the cards are great...as a stamper, myself is just getting going in the hobby once again..this was encouraging...oh..God's timing will be so perfect for his R&R......praying the your steps will indeed be ordered by our loving God...who knows you the best...praying for you husband and grateful for men and women that love our country...my husband was 23 years in the Air Force....

J.H said...

wow, great news to know when your soldier will be back. Pray for God's protection upon him while he is on a mission.

A.B. said...

SNOW????????? Oh my word.. we are certainly not
thinking about snow here!
I am sure that last week we hit 90 degrees.
But that's okay, cause the garden is lovely.
My snow peas are taller than I am.
Potatoes plants waist high,and...
I do like SC after all.
I'm happy for you that you will see soldier soon.
And I'm selfishly excited about that trip to SC,
just might figure out a way to convince you to connect with us. :-)
I must must blog again, but I have no idea when.
I did upload some photos to photo bucket, I'll
try to email the password to you so you can enjoy them.
Much love to everyone from all of us here.