Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Diary...can't believe it's been 2 weeks!

If I had thought to blog on Sunday, I wouldn't have even
had to change the title...it snowed on Mother's Day.
Praise the Lord it didn't stick...spring is here...
if you can call it that...one day it's 70 degrees and
the next day, we're pulling on beanie hats and overcoats!
We have decided to keep the picnic basket and the snowshoes
in the backseat...we'll do one or the other depending on
the weather here.

Health issues and just feeling like I want to crawl
under a rock and let the world go by...that's my excuse
for not blogging lately. I ended up in the ER and in and
out of doctors office to figure out this abominable pain
I've been having. Today I had 2 ultrasounds to check for
cysts ect...friday I have a consultation with another doctor
to schedule a possible laperoscopy? to see if I have endo-
metriosis. I need a diagnosis before I can treat this
naturally. Hoping it's nothing serious and I can resume life
again! It seems the world stops when mama gets sick!
Little girl checked a book out last week at the library
called, "mama's don't get sick" I think she was married to
superman or something I don't know. I reminded little
girl she did in fact pick that book up in the fiction
department...and perhaps the author, Sandy, is a man
who is in denial!

Soldier is traveling afar on missions, poor dear is so
worried and was upset he wouldn't be calling me till next
week. I can tell he is much happier being busy over there!
He asked for big bags of candy to give the the children over
there. His heart melts pretty easily around kids!

We are going to the zoo to celebrate Armed Forces day! Free
passes for all holders of military ID's! Yay us!

Also working on some projects for the house. Getting back
into my crafty mode...maybe it will last long enough
to finish this tv armoire I'm converting to a kitchen
pantry...in red!!! Ah yes...distressed red that is!

Going to lay my exhausted self down now...
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J.H said...

wow, it's snowed there?!?!?!
I just about to complain about crazy weather here, now I guess I better keep my mouth shut and count my blessing LOLs :D
Happy mothers day Aubrey, may the Lord bless and guide you to be the best mother He wanted you to be!

HOPE said...

Love it...a T.V. Armoire turned PANTRY! can't wait to see this one! What a fab idea!!

Take care...rest...and let the kids give you lots of TLC...

Poor Little Girl...that title must have caught her "wishful" eye.

Love you...

Jessica said...

So glad you posted, You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I wondered how you made out with the ultrasounds. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Talk to you soon and oh yeah can not wait to see the pantry in red!

Vanessa said...

It snowed here too, hubby called to make fun of me. Then I reminded him he was one with the bad sunburn. LOL!

Although I worry about my husband, I know he's happy doing what he's been trained for all this time.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!

Free2bMommy said...

Hope things r srarting to look up for you. I hope you post pics of the finished armoire.


Audra said...

Will send you some bags of hard candy for soldier. email me your address or his address and we will get these out PRONTO...

Your soldier is a fine man and I am proud to know he is looking out for the little ones over there as well.