Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Diary...soldier's comin' home!

I'm Baaaaaack!!!! Super busy army wife lately. Preparing
for her soldier to come home in a week on R&R! YAY!!!

I've missed you all and I can't wait to sit down with
my lemonade and catch up with you.

Last Sunday I visited with some dear friends of mine, and
they let me take a tour of their cabin...with my camera...
so I'm here to give you a tour of an actual Adirondack cabin
on the Moose River.

Welcome to Moose Trax....Photobucket

This is the view from just about ever window in the cabin...
I could hear the rapids and the tricking of the creek the
whole time.

This is Adirondack siding....Photobucket

Here is a pic of their neighbor's cabin done in the
Adirondack siding.

The main living space and doors to the deck overlooking
Moose River.

Lovin' the wood planked walls...and if she ever wanted
to go beach cottage she could paint them white and
they would still look amazing!

The dining room...Photobucket

the kitchen wasn't entirely finished yet...but check
out the pulls on her kitchen cupboards!

We interrupt this broadcast to feature "tigger"!Photobucket

Tigger also wanted to prove, that although fat he
may be, he can still do tricks for the guests.

Back to the tour...this is looking down from her loft.

here you can see the stairs to the side leading to
the loft...I love the wood stove!

All her windows upstairs have these wonderful little
knooks...she said her grandchildren love to sleep here.


Here is the bedroom in the loft...the closets
are curtained on the side...

Little girl enjoyed hanging out in the hammock with
our friend..

Me and Little girl...


Late spring cleaning going on here as I get ready for
soldier's visit...can't wait and hoping this week goes
by fast!

Army Wife~


HOPE said...

Oh my...tears as I see "little girl" is growing quite mature looking these days..SIGH. Although very pretty...I miss her "Dora" days.

Love the cabin tour...got an idea for a QUILT from her living room RUG!

I could imagine the sounds all around you..

This all reminded me of my cabin vacations...so WONDERFUL.

YEA...Soldier is coming HOME!!!

Hugs to all..

J.H said...

what a wonderful cabin! I wonder why in UK they only have the smaller version (and they build it in the garden) pretty much called a "shed".
Glad to hear the good news that your soldier coming home next week!!!

Free2bMommy said...

Ummmm can I be jealous of this friend now or later...I think now! What a beautiful cabin. Wow, I literally was amazed at how beautiful it is! I am going to try the curtain thingy with my loft upstairs...great way to use otherwise wasted space on the side there.

Beautiful pics! Good to have you back!


Kelly Johnson said...

Looks like such a wonderful place to get away! Beautiful, peaceful, and restful. Glad the Lord gave you the little respite!