Thursday, July 15, 2010

dear diary....

Ahhhh...checking in....your still here?

My 15 days with my soldier are nearing the end,
we've had a wonderful, memorable time together. We've
tried to cherish every second. I believe we've done that.

We lazed around on the beach a few times, chatting and
watching the kids play in the water. Took a trip to South
Carolina to see the folks...spent more time by the water.
Grilled out and sat around the campfire a few nights. Went to
the drive-in one night to see Toy Story (love those), went
on several lunch dates, starbuck dates, and meandering
through the mall. Didn't really matter where we were
or what we were doing, or how much money we had, as long
as we were together that's all that mattered.

We had sooo much planned before he got here, including a
trip to DC, at last minutes we cancelled....I'm glad we
did...we figured time would slow down if we didn't plan so
much in so little time. Instead, there was plenty of time
to chat and chat!

My handsome soldier!

my mom took this pic of us in SC by the pool.

swimming @ the park on post!

At the drive-in with my sweetie!

the beach we visited

at the beach with dad

Soldier brought back some goodies...these were outfits he
bought at a small kiosk from an Afgan family.

He brought me back in outfit but you'll thank me for
not posting that pic on here. ;)

The photographer was so busy that I didn't get as many
pics as I would've liked to. You know how it goes.

Soldier will be gone for about 8 more months! Going to
take one day at a time...that's all I can do..and stay
busy. I just wish I could share the memories with him I'll
make the rest of the year. I know he'll be making his own
and for now we'll have to just share the pictures and
swap stories.

Tonight we are celebrating lil' girl's eighth birthday, it's
not till monday, but we're happy daddy is here to celebrate
the birthday a little earlier.

Cherish life~cherish each other~



Audra said...

What lovely pictures and a truly touching post. You have an amazing love with your soldier, I am thrilled to be able to read it and be deeply affected by your words.

The time spent with family is often the time we take for granted. You have shown us what it is to embrace the moments and treasure them for an eternity.


Kelly Johnson said...

Amen! So happy that you are having a wonderfully memorable time with soldier. God is good. Thank you for the update.

HOPE said...

I hope I can write with the TEARS flowing...such a wonderful post Aubrey.

How I ADORE this sweet family and so PROUD of our soldier...

God bless and keep you all in HIS blessed care.

J.H said...

Hi Aubrey,
Your post really move me. You are one strong girl! And with the Lord's help you are even stronger to hold your household in your husband absence.
Praying for you and I am sure in the next 8 months or so, the Lord will bless you more than ever.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry we were not able to come up yesterday...I hope you and Mike know that we really wanted to! Praying for you guys. Let me know if you want some company next week.

sasicas said...

YAY for R&R! So glad you all were able to enjoy the time together, its always nice to just lounge around instead of being jam packed busy. Enjoy the time, before you know it he will be home for good!

Jessica said...

How thankful I am that you got to spend this time together, and so thankful we got to see Michael as well! You are one tough cookie and we will all help you get through the next eight months! We are so proud of all of you and your witness! We love you all and when you are ready to talk give me call!

Sandra said...

This is such a touching post. Our son retired from the Marines four years ago, so having been the family of a soldier for 20 years we understand how much sacrifice there is for not only him but for the wife and children when he is away. You and your soldier have our undying gratitude for the sacrifices your family is making for our country. God bless you.

and, btw, what a BEAUTIFUL family. :)