Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear diary...about saturday,

Saturday morning I said Goodbye to my best friend
of 15 years! What do you say? What do you talk about? We ate
a quiet breakfast at 4:30am...well, I take that back, I didn't stomach was in knots. He asked if there was anything
I wanted to talk about before he left. Now, where was that
"list of stuff to say before soldier leaves" at.... He told me
all the memories he would remember of the 15 days he was home.
I told you he was mushy. I pretend to be tough and hold it all in.

I started cleaning the house. I didn't clean really the whole
time he was here, I knew he wouldn't want to waste a precious second.
So I cleaned literally all day, right up till one of the army wives
came over for dinner, cleaned up dinner, put the kids up for bed,
and then walked around looking for something or someone to talk to.
All of a sudden it seemed to come crashing down on me that I said
goodbye to soldier and I won't see him for 8 whole months!!! I
suddenly felt the huge emptiness in me that lingered inside all
day. It finally reared it's ugly head up at me and it felt like
someone died. I cried myself to sleep and prayed that God would
give me peace and strength to make it through the next eight months.

Today is Thursday....It seems like he's already been gone too long.
I haven't heard his voice since he left. I remind myself that God
is my shelter, my rock, my high tower, my fortress, a friend that
sticketh closer than a brother.

The day before he left...we spent the day at the lake and I
managed to grab some memories on camera.



HOPE said...

Oh Aubrey..what can I say...sacrifice isn't easy...and your role as an ARMY WIFE is one that deems honor! BOTH...of you...are giving to others in so many ways...a FUTURE! Your own children...even. FREEDOM. History needs to be remembered for the future we have and women who gave their time to serve! THANK YOU!

Now about that did call ME..right? Of course you know I pray around the clock for you all...Thank you LORD for being with us..ALWAYS.

The time will pass quicker than you'll realize...just keep marking off the calendar! It'll get shorte and shorter with EACH day! amen.

Love you very much...

Anonymous said...

Dear Aubrey,

Please know that so many people really are praying for your whole family. It's such a blessing that you've been able to capture so many memories thru your camera. The effect of your husbands sacrifice is more far reaching than you can imagine. Your sacrifice is as well!

Praying for you and your lovely family,
Brooke from MVBBC

A.B. said...

Love you girl!
Been thinking about you a lot today.
I'm really glad I popped in and checked your blog out.
I'll be praying for you! as always, but extra much.
I am so grateful I got to be with you just a bit
while you guys were down here.
Love the pictures you shared here.
Several of those are just begging for frames!!!
OK, guests just arrived so .........more later,
Love ya!

J.H said...

Dear Aubrey,

I am terribly sad reading your post and started to cry in the office. The government has cause you and your husband to be so far away for too long! If only nation can mind their own business and do everything on their border, you won't have to be like this.
I don't know what would I do if I were you, you are one strong woman :-) I thank God that I know you so that you can be an example for me.
My husband is leaving as well in 2 month time. Now we are counting our days together.
Wish you have a great week... and may God bless you and comfort you.