Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dear Diary....

Today I finally heard from my soldier, early this morning
he called to tell me all this time he's been in the
hospital in Germany!!!!

No one called unfortunately...his white blood cell count
is really low and somewhere between leaving home and going
back to Afganistan he began swelling really bad from
head to toe and lesions broke out all over his body!!! I
don't know all the other symptoms, but it landed him in
the hospital for two days. They took a bunch of tests
including bloodwork and he will go back to the hospital

I was just so thankful to hear his voice. Amazingly
enough after a rough week and then hearing this news, I
was okay, I could feel God's hand holding me up and I
knew that He had prepared my mind and spirit. I wasn't
upset...everyone was asking.

I just finished reading the book A Thousand Shall Fall by
Susi Mundy. What an awesome story and testament to God's
faithfulness. It is about a nazi soldier and his family who
go through 6 years of terror during WW2 and their faith and
hope in a God who sustained with food, clothing, protection,
and healing....all because of their simple faith and obedience
to do what they felt God wanted them to do. Something as simple
as keeping the sabbath. It was so incredible encouraging to me,
especially with my own husband being away at war. I bought it
off Amazon for a few bucks and it's so worth the read if you can get
this book. We picked it for our bookclub this month! I can't
wait to hear everyone's stories when we get together.

I'm trying to practice child-like faith. The faith that doesn't
ask questions, or tries to find reason or logic, but just
"enjoys the ride" and finds peace in just resting and patiently
enduring whatever God brings my way.

"He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed,
trusting in the Lord." Ps 112:7

If I'm worrying and looking at all the odds against me, I have
failed to see the greatness of God and have forgotten His
promises and His power.

Why are we so doubtful? We're so caught up on all our misgivings,
or guilt, poor self-image ect,and we forget that our righteousness
is in HIM....ONLY!

Not a shred of anything good in us can help's all HIM and
He only asks that I ask in simple faith as a child and then trust
and leave it to HIM to take care of it. Of course HE knows
we're selfish, stubborn, wilful, ___________, but He still
desires our faith and trust in have complete faith
and trust in HIM is to abandon all self with it's worries,
fear, and pity.


HOPE said...

AMEN..what a joy to read of your faith and trust in the LORD...


Love that pic at the end..saying..

OH make me laugh and happy! I don't have a care in the world with you around!

Just as we need to be with the LORD.


A.B. said...

WOW! That sounds pretty scary, did they get test results back yet?
Love what you wrote about child like trust!
Keep on trusting and believing, I'll pray for healing and peace for both of you.
Much love, as always