Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Diary...been junkin'

Our post had their twice annual bulk trash pick-up.
This is where anyone wanting to get rid of furniture
ect. can do so and everyone rides around looking for
"treasure"! Anyway, I lucked out and found some pretty
cool stuff. I even found an antique chandeliere which
I will show you next post after my friend hangs it for me
in the master bedroom. It's GORGEOUS!

The chalkboard wall attracts a lot of visitors as you
can see. Everyone that comes over signs the wall. It
has become a good spot for the kids to write their
thoughts and mama's notes to the kids. Every other week
I wipe it clean and we start over. It's been fun!


I have been looking for some chairs like these. My table is a bit
more modern, but my style is eclectic and I like new and old mixed
together. So these chairs were an ugly green and I spray painted them
wrought iron flat black and sanded the edges. I like them.


Been wanting to buy a recliner....but I've resumed my slow year
(a year I purchase second-hand, recycle, repurpose) So I got these
super-uper, comfy leather recliner, that I put a corduroy brown
slipcover over! It was free.


The table was a bulk trash find....solid wood and has that cute
rustic appeal.

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The iron cross candle holder was a by my son.

Antique oil painting reminds me of farming in NY. Freebie on the
road ...I love the art.

Bookshelf I found this week...much needed for homeschooling the
girls downstairs...I'm not running upstairs all the time getting
books and putting them away. Artwork is the ruins of the Colosseum
from my son!


I've been very fortunate to hear from my soldier nearly every
day this past week. They finally got a phone at his new post,
and he can get a free 20 minute phone call. He's had some
pretty tough missions here lately, and I'm praising God for
his provision of safety for my soldier. Your prayers are
coveted and thank you for praying for him and us!!!

We started our second week of school...both me and the kids.
I don't have enough hours in the day to get all the stuff
done I need to get done. I feel overwhelmed at times,
especially with all these photoshoots I've been doing. But
I'm thankful for the extra cash. I'm trying to prioritize
my time everyday. Some things don't matter, some things
have first place. My time with the Lord and my kids are
first....and learning to say no sometimes, when I'm wanted
or needed in ten different directions, not panicking if my
cupboards and drawers are disorganized, and the car hasn't
been vacuumed yet. I kinda wished the other day that I was
back in that tiny, two room cabin, where life was simple,
one bowl and a cup to each person, unschooling everyday
outdoors, cooking over a campfire or the crockpot, riding
bikes and taking long hikes. Maybe one day....



HOPE said...

Do I love those kids or that photo...

I like how you displayed your Okinawa Tea Set..NICE. So happy for your junk did good! always.

Love the chalkboard wall..sounds like so much fun..and surprises for each day!

Love and hugs

HOPE said...

awww....I see the note on the chalkboard. Wondering what the other one says?

Too cute...

J.H said...

I love your new header...!!! just LOVE IT!

Audra said...

Great scores on the junkin' was too hot for the last curb side community garbage collection day..though I did spot a nearly new Little Tykes Grand Kitchen. I put it on my car Clampit style and then waited for my little sis and her daughter to pick up. Maybe the Junk week in October will be plentiful and lots cooler to boot.

Love your finds, I had some of those exact chairs, they were a grape vine green and I used them for five years until gifting them to a family just starting out after being homeless for nearly two years. I am sure they painted them and are loving them as much as you love yours. that recliner. I am praying that I can find one for Fly Guy's day.
Glad to hear you are starting your slow year again. I am as well, out of need and necessity but also because I realized how much STUFF I had and how much it owns me. Having a huge sale to cut back on possessions so move should be less stressful.

Love the art work from your son! It is so Pottery Barnish...but way, way better. I love the Picasso inspiration of it, the clean back ground and just the black on white. Gorgeous.

Aren't chalk boards divine? Yours is fabulous...I think I might have to upsize to a larger one for the family room.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, just know that you are never far from my thoughts and prayers even as we are thousands of miles away.