Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear Diary...I got a chandelier in my bedroom!

Yes!!! I really did pick up this chandelier for FREE! It was in a box wrapped in tissue by the side of the road. I'm a lucky girl! It's antique and I saw one VERY similar to this one, going for $299.00!!!!!

So my friend came over last night and hung it for me over my bed. I absolutely love it in my room. It picks up all the accents in my lamps and throw pillow. What do you think?

I almost slept on the couch last night, thinking maybe I should see how it holds up through the night! :P That thing was heee-eeeeaa--vvyyy! Still need to put bulbs in it...but just for looks...will not be wiring anything while hubby is away. I could just see the headlines on post newspaper "Army wife of deployed soldier burns down house trying to install chandelier in her master bedroom!" HA!

I don't think the pictures do it justice. I wish I felt like painting my bedroom, but since we're only going to be year another year, what's the point, I'd have to paint it back again! UGH!! No thanks.

The two thingy's on each side of the photograph I framed are candle sconces, but I'm not too sure I like them there or not....What do you think? I'm at loss as to what else to put there...unless I put a HUGE scrolly iron thingy behind my bed. hmmmm? My bloggy pal Audra actually found one on the side of the do you like that...some people are just born lucky! :P

My dear soldier called today and picked up a GORGEOUS rug with red and turquoise in it for me!!!! Isn't he a sweetie!!! I can't wait to see it. He's gotta figure out how to ship it.

You should definitely visit here in about two weeks...I should have some pree-ttyyy exciting news to share!

Talk to you later~ Army Wife


Parchey Family said...

I love the chandelier and I think it looks great in your bedroom. I also like the candle scones. I think the whole thing looks great. Glad to hear that you have been able to talk to your husband more. It really makes the deployment a little more bearable.

HOPE said...

I love those sconces and the entire look of the PUUUUURFECT! Colors and all..I wouldn't change a thing! Looks very put together as is.

What a FIND!!!!

tap...tap...tap..TWO WEEKS...
(I think I kno..oooooow!)

Perspective said...

I LOVE IT! How is it that you always find all of the good stuff. If we ever get to see each other we need to go to a yard sale together! (Then you could save all the good stuff for your dear little sister in law!) You're awesome! Love ya!

Paula Kathlyn said...

Gaaaaargeous dawlinnggg :)

A.B. said...

Ya know, my neighbors don't have nice junk like yours do. :-( Poor me.
They don't even have good garage sales! I love our country life but I do miss all the sweet garage sale, neighborhood sales, and good junk finds.
BTW... we really need to talk. Maybe I will try to call you Wednesday night after the guys head off to Occonee for the Father/Son Retreat. Things here are taking a downward spiral job wise and I have a really sinking feeling about our hiking trip. Anyway, I will bring you up to speed either Wednesday or Thursday night if you will be around.
Love you girl! ~ LeAnn

Jessica said...

Wowsers, right out of a magazine, looks perfect exactly as is! Long time no talk hey? It has been a little crazy, but now that we are half way through our second week of homeschooling we are in a great routine and I can not believe how "right" it feels and how much I am truly enjoying it, so thanks for all the encouragement. Oh I can't wait to see your new rug, I am sure it will be fab! So I am super curious about your exciting news, if you can't keep it a secret you can all me right up and share! Can't wait till your parents get here I am very excited to meet your mom! Talk to you soon!