Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Diary...parents visit day 1 cheesecake festival

So here's the deal...if I don't get this posted just isn't going to happen. I can hardly keep up with yesterday much less try to blog about what happened last week. So I will try to post pics everyday that my parents are here visiting....

We headed to the cream cheese festival. This cheesecake has won many times in Guiness Book of World Records for largest they have a festival every year to celebrate cheesecake...i guess that's what we were celebrating.

We stood in this line for a....piece of cheesecake...mine was was delicious! yummy

There were vendors everywhere!!!! And my dear mother had to stop and see every single person...even the ones selling tractor tires...she doesn't even own a tractor...I'm just sayin....I love her and it was a lot of fun.

I know...there's something seriously the matter with this hair!!! For pete's sake I was trying to have breakfast made, clean the house and find my kids to make it to the festival on time...and alas...myself was lost in the chaos..but breakfast was good and so was the cheesecake! :)

We took the kids to the discovery zone and they got their tickets for a free snow cone, popcorn and cotton candy. Then they tried bull riding. Lil' girl was sooo brave and got on by herself...then she told me when she got off the bull...." legs are shaking!" Poor thing was scared to death, but true gut and grit got the better of her and she went for....I see myself in her and I love that she is fearless and unstoppable!

This doggy was sitting at the he not the cutest thing...My hubby wants a cocker spaniel when he comes home!

Mom didn't get enough shopping I took her in some of the cutsie little shops downtown.

We drove back into town and explored the PX and commissary before crashing on the couch and watching Mr. Bean (laughing hysterically) and of course I made was italian night and it was super duper good....we followed it up with my chocolate torte (recipe revealed for later post) and Nemo.

I'm exausted....I think I walked my parents too much... their feet were hurting and my dad needed a heating pad for his back!!! I forget their not spring chickens and I can't just walk them all over town, cruise the mall, and visit all my friends all in one day! sigh........I never want my parents to get you....I wish three things tonight...that I never have to say goodbye, that people I love never grow old, and people I love never leave.

Unfortunately, I know just the fact that being an army wife..means....I will always be saying goodbye to somebody....and people will always be leaving in my life. I hate that part. It is sad. But...while they are present in my life, I will live, love and laugh ferociously with them till I have to say goodbye.

Because I'm an army wife~


Agnes said...

LOL I love your hair in that pic, you look great!

Perspective said...

Great Post! You say I'm torturing you with pictures?! YOU had famous cheesecake!!!!! I'm glad you are enjoying your time and cherishin every moment. I wish that your wishes could come true, but as we've all experienced, that is just not the way it works. Enjoy your time (I'm glad you got in some of those pics instead of only being behind the camera!) Love you!

Carrie said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your time with your parents. It looks like you're having lots of fun. I miss you lots.