Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Diary...a week in review

What a's friday and I don't know where it went. My parents are due here in about two hours...they've been driving nonstop for 13 hours! I've done's a super long drive!

I've crammed two weeks worth of schoolwork into one...that was four class papers and four tests! Blah....won't do that again. And I was supposed to have my research paper done on Sickle Cell Anemia! On top of that I'm supposed to be keeping a food journal and turning it in at the end of each week...I ate part of a breakfast...and ate dinner at 9pm...should I turn that in? Yeah...I'm not. It's for my nutrition class...they probably would fail me!

Tonight is my sissie's first night back to work after being home with her first baby for nearly three months. She was taking it very hard. I hope her first night back is easy for her. My sis in law is going on her first date with her hubby for her birthday since she had the twins...also 3 months ago...yeah I had three nephews born on the same day!!!

I told her try not to text or call every five minutes and enjoy her time away and with her husband....I don't think she's going to listen. But I did tell her one consolation....after four kids you'll be turning your phone OFF on the date and the only number you'll leave the sitter is 911! haha....Boy how things change after your first kid. My first one I packed twelve diapers...three bottles, five pacifiers, burp cloths, toys, three changes of clothes, first aid kit, tylenol and gas drops, three different types of butt go the park three doors down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember going to the same park several years later with number three in tow...I sat down on the park bench with her chewed up sippy cup and my keys. :o) And sometimes that sippy cup was found three days later and rinsed in the drinking fountain! UGH! I'm kidding:)

I'm really a very neat clean person....but you just learn to chill and hang loose, because you might blow a gasket trying to remember and keep up with every little thing and worry you had with your first one!!! After the first aren't necessary till they can walk....diaper bags are for overnight stays, and only mom is using the baby oil on her legs because she shaves right before she heads out the door, when she remembers she's wearing a skirt!!! :P

My husband is dying to have another one when he gets back...I'm worried it will either be severely spoiled rotten or neglected...I doubt it. :) I'm more worried about the prospect of having husband's mother is a twin, my little brother is a twin, and my brothers both have twins!!! So what do you think my odds are for NOT having twins. I'd say pre--t-t-y slim!

I think I will opt for visiting my nephews!!!

Army Wife


Perspective said...

While we would love for you to visit us...I opt for another one...or two :) Asher and Nolan are pretty excited about their debut in your blog. It's a good thing I have good friends...for a couple of reasons...1. They will understand when I call every five minutes and 2...Just because I trust them that much, I might not have to call every five minutes :D Enjoy your time with your parents Aubrey.

Aubrey said...

I love you Molly! ((((HUGS))))

Parchey Family said...

Well Aubrey maybe when I get back to Fort Drum and your husband gets home we can have babies together. My husband really wants another baby too but I am not sure that I am feeling it. Hope you have a nice visit with your family.

~~Deby said...

I hope this is a wonderful BREAK and visit with your mom...I am SURE she will love every minute.

Aubrey said...

Angie~ I would be starting over, but it does sound fun and my kids would love it I think!

Deby~ We will certainly enjoy every minute and I will try to update with pictures and happenings here.

sasicas said...

The good news is that the hubbys side has NOTHING to do with having twins, the bad news, your mom had fraternal twins so your odds of releasing more than one egg is slightly higher than the average person ;)

You know with ours, well that was just an act of God to split that one egg and you already know I wish it would happen again :)

Agnes said...

Loved reading your motherhood-sentiments Aubrey.
And I really really like your photo Girl!

A.B. said...

You made me laugh! and that my friend is a very good thing right now!!! I miss you and would love to talk sometime soon. I left a message on your vm and even checked with the in-laws to make sure I had the right number. I'll try again soon. Until then, thanks again for all the pictures and updates. I do love reading your blog even though my own is worse then dead right now. Catch you soon, me