Monday, October 25, 2010

It's raining it's pouring it

Today I,

  • Had a headache

  • took two VERY loooooong exams

  • drank a whole pot of creme brulee

  • made up an apple dessert

  • wore my lil black dress

  • listened to michael buble while making dinner

  • read in two books I'm trying to finish

  • played with ziggy and Lowie

  • played Cranium with my kids ....I hate "bored" games btw...intentionally misspelled. Why? I hate when you have twenty people and you have to wait your turn...bad bad bad stuff for me who has chronic ADD/ADHD. Either I get told a million times that it's my turn...or I take a turn out of place. My mind wanders after the first 10 minutes and I become this invisible board piece that moves when it's told to.

And don't get me started on Monopoly!!! That's just torture....I can hardly stand 10 minutes and he invents a game that takes 5 hours --sometimes two days to complete.

I start to become extremely generous with my money and property after the first 20 minutes of that game. My kids call it a good deal and I call it a quick way to end a dumb game!

I wonder how long they'll be this naive!!! I like to play games that keep you engaged the whole time....I can't understand why nobody wants to play TWISTER anymore. I always thought it was kinda fun! ;)

Goodnight ~ Aubrey


HOPE said...

In Awe Of Thy WORD..the BEST book EVER written! I CRY when I read this book. The author is a wonderful, GODLY..precious lady.

BORED games...very good..except with SCRABBLE my all time fav!! cause I WIN..hee hee (don't tell dad how many times I LET him win...pleeeze)

Glad you are enjoying the Creme Brulee!!


Paula Kathlyn said...

The best way to play Monopoly is with your husband...if he is anything like mine, he wins in about 20 minutes (and maybe I play Monopoly like you enjoy playing :))
Sorry you had a headache and long exams. But cooking with Michael Buble sounds fun!

LeAnn said...

LOL! you are WAY to funny for your own good. You know that, right? *Giggles* How about tea and a game?