Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My kid climbed the lamp post today...what did yours do?;)

Last night I finally broke out my knitting needles and started on my afghan for the couch. I love a cozy knitted blanket to read with in the winter. This prompted my girls to get their knitting looms and start on some wool hats for winter. They prefer the looms right now to the needles. Ziggy patiently sat on Genevieve's lap while she knitted!

I don't know what is going on with the weather today, I took my kids to the library and had to turn on the AC! It was actually a bit warm! It cooled down again later this afternoon, but wasn't expecting the warmth. So we took advantage of what could be our last lovely day of fall, as the trees are already looking bare, and strolled down to the park.

Way off the subject~ my daughter does not do anything the conventional way. She has a huge imagination and she uses it everywhere, not just in her writing(she's writing a book) At eight years old, she still loves to climb everything in the park, from the bars that hold the swing to the slide, to the lamp post. It might as well be Mount Everest, she has to tackle all of them and see just how high she can get. {I see a peakbagger in the future :)}

I sit and marvel at her bravery and her imagination (like climbing up the swing set to slide down the pole) when she sits atop the monkey bars while other little girls are swinging from the rings she is imagining she is a pirate on top of the mast of a great vessel spying for enemy ships. Meanwhile another mom is telling her child to quit climbing UP the slide, "that's not how you do it".

While I'm not encouraging disobedience in the least{I expect obedience from her from the first command!} I expect my kids to sometimes think outside the box!!! Not just vacuum their room, but wonder what makes the vacuum suck up stuff...."hmmmm I wonder will it suck up my pj's and underwear?" (it's happened recently) ;) Maybe for the past five years she has always gone down the slide frontwards, now she wants to see what happens when she slides down backwards or on her belly. What does it feel like to swing on my belly?

I imagine that before Thomas Edison ever invented the light bulb, he must have tried at least a ton of different things and methods unconventional to the logic mind. What about the famous 14 yr old that skates all these ridiculous moves and jumps and swirlys in the air, one day he got the bright idea to stack bricks and boards to see high his bike/skate would go and could he land on one wheel?

Many successful inventions and discoveries were spurred on by the freedom to use their imagination and braverly to conquer a feat they set out to accomplish.

Maybe you didn't like hockey when you were little, or rafting, but don't tell the kid standing in line at the library with 15 books on water rafting and how to play hockey, that it's scary and you broke your nose and three legs! He's about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime...let him explore these wonderful opportunities...to enjoy life to it's fullest...Encourage, explore and enjoy and they will love people, life, and an exuberant confidence in themselves driven by all that you supported and encouraged him in!

My .02 :)

Enjoy your week~ Aubrey


Agnes said...

My goodness, your daughters are just as beautiful as their mommy!
Aubrey I loved your sentiments about imagination -- so so so true!

Peace Love and Leener said...

Love this. All the other moms look at me like I am crazy because I let my daughter climb up the slide and use what she can at 2 1/2 years the conventional way.

Kerry said...

Oooh, the teacher in me has a hard time letting my kiddos climb up the slide... do you know how many recess duties I had under my belt before my kids came along?! You make a most wonderful point though about letting our kids wonder and explore. beautiful post!

Aubrey said...

Thank you Agnes! PLL~ I know the look all too well :) Keery~ Thank you for stopping by! :)