Friday, October 15, 2010

Lowie and Ziggy

Lowie aka Lowville....he was named after the cutest little town in upstate NY where we rescued him from the shelter. He was injured and had a serious infection...but we still wanted him and waited patiently for two weeks for the veterinarian to release him so we could give him a home.

He just looks thrilled about it, doesn't he? He has endured many fashions shows, acting the part of various characters from a wild stallion to an adored dolly at a princess tea party. He is my children's best friend. They love him so much.

He LOVES to play ball. His favorite toys are the seven colored balls that jingle when you roll them across the floor. He loves to play soccer with them. He loves any animal...he gets along with everyone and makes friends with cats and dogs alike. He does not like to drink water out of a bowl....he loves drinking water from the spiget of the tub and he lifts the lid of the toilet usually.

Ziggy...who should be called Piggy...because he LOVES his auto-feeder. If he hears the slight disturbance in his feeder he takes off to investigate. I think he worries they will empty the feeder before he does.
I rescued Ziggy from a dairy farm...he was a barn cat. He was nursing off two momma cats and drank frequently around the milk tank the cow's milk was stored in. He has the biggest, fluffiest tail a cats ever owned....maybe his father was a skunk or racoon...I wonder about that. It always stands straight up in the air too. Ziggy LOVES lowie. But he HATES dogs. He does not tolerate little kids either very well, although he loves my kids. He patiently sits in my daughter's lap while she does her reading each morning.

Sadly, oh so sadly...I must part with my adorable furry friends. I cannot take them with me to Germany. I'm afraid it would kill them. They would have to quarantined for 30 days before and after we get there. Plus endure the long flight to Europe. I'm afraid it would traumatize them and it would break my heart if something happened to them along the way.

Mom is thinking of adopting Lowie, because he got along so well with Gus when they were here visiting. I know they would be best buds! Ziggy needs a good home...he LOVES attention.
I have a hard time parting with any animals, even if they do have bad habits and wake me up in the middle of the night to play. Nothing is so comforting than walking through my front door and there's a kitty sitting at the door, or rubbing against your leg in the morning to greet you. They left my spirits many times.
I adore all animals, but cats rule!


carla said...

Aubrey, please let me know if you are (or are not) able to find good homes for your cats.

I'm already worried about them (because I'm so tenderhearted toward animals I've never even been able to watch Old Yeller or The Yearling, etc.).

However, I'm glad for your family to get to go to Germany - what a new exciting adventure.

Aubrey said...

Thank you Karla! I'm being picky who they go home to, but I'm sure I will find a good person who will love them like I do! :)