Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spontaneity...WARNING :long post :)

If you know anything about should know that I'm completely spirited...unorganized...always sees the cup half full...I make assumptions way too many times...I am too critical of myself...wanderlust exceeds the limit of normality at times....

While my parents were on their way up here...I fretted over my lack of organizational mom is so good at that...organizing...why couldn't I inherit that? I bet she's never put things away and forgot where they were when she needed house is quite clean and put away...just don't open the cupboards, closets, dressers...I absentmindedly put things away and then later I look everywhere for it! Then there's my sister in law, who keeps notebooks on what to clean when, and schedules social activities! I love her...I wish she'd rub off on me a little. ;)

Seriously, I lack the energy or want-to to organize....not at the top of my priority list. I'm too spontaneous. I was feeling quite overwhelmed thinking of all the stuff I've already accumulated and must go through before our move to Germany.

Then I realized that I wouldn't change being spontaneous for anything....because I would have missed out on many late night coffee dates with my soldier, memorable hikes with my kids that led us to the edge of cliffs to watch sea lions playing below, signing up for a knitting class with with my sister where we learned to laugh more than knit, running on the beach at night,throwing a party on the spur of the moment and ending up making the best friends of your life,traveling to the most amazing places,meeting the most incredible people that have taught me so much, and then realizing that some of my happiest, most memorable moments were completely spontaneous and unplanned.

There are the maintenance man showing up without warning to fix my stove when I spontaneously decided to have a huge breakfast at 10:30 am because we wanted fried potatoes, eggs and homemade bread....but then...I'm a risk taker! :)

My best friend and I.

Best of all sponteneity led me to a wonderful best friend, who I happened to meet through close friends(blind date) at an amusement park we visited one late night after a friend's baby shower. We were inseperable ever since. We married eight months and one week to the day we met. Our 15th year anniversary is May 25. We never were good at planning...five months later we find out we were expecting our first baby. He couldn't decide which job was the greatest, so we just went through the alphabet and tried them all....Well, maybe we went backwards...cuz we tried the Army last...and that's stuck and he is so proud to be a soldier. And so happy recently to help the people of Afganistan. I honestly wouldn't trade any of the hardships or trials we've been through together, they made us who we are today.....they brought many good endings and many unforgetable moments.



Shalmalee.... said...

This post is just like you....fresh, encouraging, ready to flow, get-set-go types, and of course....spontaneous :)

Agnes said...

I loved this post A.

We are pretty similar. My husband asked me to marry him the day we got together. And I said yes! Every major decision in my life was spur of the moment and I never looked back.

When I am forced to travel with people who have every moment and every move carefully planned out I feel like I am in prison. LOL!

Agnes said...

p/s: I forgot to add: you're my new favorite blogger. I love everything about you, your spirit, your style, everyhtinng :-D

Aubrey said...

Thank Shalmalee! Agnes~ That's the sweetest comment ever! :)

HOPE said...

Have you E..VER looked in your mom's closets! hee hee

GREAT post...Thank the LORD that HE knows the endings...and by FAITH as we grow we see HIS great plan though WE THINK at times..ours is spontaneous!

The hikes the coffee dates..the Breakfast (how funny..must have mad the repair man HUNGRY! poor guy!)...all for sweet memories that last a life time. Like dad and his Chinese food ATTACK..always spontaneous! sometimes late at night... yummy fun!

Oh and the spontaneous decision to go get our sweet little new Schnauzer Heidi...she was with us 13 YEARS!!

Just remember your backpack next time..PLEASE!!!

Love and hugs..
being organized keeps me sane!
But I do give spontaneous HUGS a lot!

Anonymous said...

Where did all of this come from... Oh wait your spontaneity kicked in! lol. I'm just kidding. It was a very inspirirng post!