Tuesday, October 19, 2010

rag dolls

Today was craft day at my house...rag dolls. I volunteered my friend's help to sew and we stayed up monday night to get it all ready, cutting and sewing!

I sketched a paper doll pattern...then penned to my fabric to cut and sew.

The rag dolls were a HIT! And the girls really loved putting hair, eyes, stuffing, ect. together.

Table all ready for the girls to put their dollies together.

stuffing the dollies

The crafty girls

Mommies, little girls, and baby dolls

Some lil dollies two of the lil girls made! Aren't they cute?


HOPE said...


I love these...now I have to make some! great idea..and I noticed one of the lil' girls squeezing her new found FRIEND.

You must post the names the girls gave their dolls!


Shalmalee.... said...

Wow....So cute!!!
Loved the pic of all girls with their dolls....adorable!

J.H said...

wow truly a piece of art, really creative!

Abby said...

what a great idea!! I am going to have to "steal" that one... so fun.

Kathy said...

This is the greatest idea and looks like it came out beautifully!!! What a wonderful childhood keepsake. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. It's nice to "meet" you too!

LeAnn said...

Cuteness! and a totally thrilled little group of girls. Cheers to you!