Wednesday, October 20, 2010

so much to do so little time

I really do wish sometimes my brain had an off switch! Seriously, I'm so tired of thinking, thinking, and more thinking. I think I read the same paragraph in my anatomy book FOUR times....and still couldn't process it. It wasn't hard, my mind just wouldn't focus. Partly ADHD to blame and partly to everything changing in a very short time.

Today I began the tedious, mundane task of organizing(looking) paperwork for passports, shot records ect ect. I must apply for social security cards AGAIN...they were stolen en route on one of our many trips across the USA ...on a greyhound this time I might add. Interesting experience, not for me though ;)
I hate flying, but I would fly on a broomstick before I got on a bus again for four days.

There's still so much I want to see and do too before Europe..I still have tons on my bucket list to do up here. Maybe I will , maybe I won't.....dreaming keeps one alive....even if the dream only ends up being a dream, for a moment you were there and you were alive and excited with the possibilities of the unknown and the might-be's.
I miss this guy!

Good night~ Aubrey


HOPE said...

Take ONE day at a time...and rest in the LORD.

I miss that guy too...he is very special and our Hero!

You've been a blessing to so many there so now take a break and focus on yourself for a day and just REST.


Shalmalee.... said...
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Shalmalee.... said...

I can totally relate to this....we have just moved to Singapore from the US. I was all alone doing the wrapping when my husband was already in, hang in there...every single thing will fall into place :)

Agnes said...

"dreaming keeps one alive" -- I agree!