Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sometimes...well, even maybe days after blogging in the "nude", I feel completely vulerable and fragile and exposed. I know I'm taking a risk putting my thoughts, feelings, emotions out there....published for the whole wide world/web to see. I'm putting myself out there to be judged, interpreted, loved or hated. I say things on here I probably wouldn't say perhaps in person. In person, I am more reserved and quiet...although my sisters and my best friends know there is another side to me...silly, funny, mischevious..... I guess everyone must have two sides though. A part of you that holds back unless you are completely sure and aware that that person will love you unconditionally no matter what you say or do!

I've always kept a journal...since I was 13. I still have them. I read them when I need a good laugh! hahaha... But publishing your journal is something completely different. Someone once said. "blog as though no is reading"....I think I do...although you always have people in the back of your mind...even your followers that you are aware of what they will read or want to read.

My blog will be 2 years old in April. I never thought blogging could be life-changing, in someways it really has though. Blogging tends to make you look at yourself, your life objectively. Who wants to write or blog about a boring you find things to fill up your days with creations, people, travels, photos! You find yourself doing things and taking pictures in anticipation of blogging them later. In the meantime, I'm living life, creating memories, and writing my autobiography. Blogging has also brought me in touch with some pretty amazing people that have taught me so many things about myself and about life.

I think meeting new people in itself is an adventure....nobody's the same...everyone knows or has done something somebody else hasn't...maybe it's a place, or career, or whatever. I like to meet new people ....I want to know what I can learn from them. They are interesting and some come with possibilities and opportunities to try new things or maybe help you come to a new understanding of yourself. It's wonderful when you can share something new with another person and the excitement of a new friendship forming and to look forward to what exciting adventures and stories lay ahead of you.

Last night us army girls went out for some much needed time together. It was so fun. We ended up a hole-in-the-wall sorta mexican place and they had a marachi band there and of course they just stayed at our table the whole night....we didn't mind...the music was amazing! Their voices were incredibly harmonic and they played very skillfully on their instruments.
I love showing my friends a good time. We did a little bowling...and then chatted over coffee at Starbucks! of the band members wanted his picture taken with me...he kept trying to get me to dance with the band....All I could think of was the little bit of Salsa dancing I done in Zumba class...I didn't think that would cut it. ;)


Loree said...

Reading your post made me feel as if you had written down my thoughts for me. It always feels amazing to find that there are people out there who feel the same way that I do about things. I too have my two sides and find it easier to write things for the whole world to read than say them in person. Strange but good to know I am not alone.

christie perkins said...

its encouraging to know that as mothers and wives, that we really NEED each others friendships and honesty in our struggles (albeit normal) with day to day life, and your transparency with your blog is refreshing! yours is one of my favorites!
Blessings! =)