Friday, November 12, 2010

My new rug

Well, it's true. You cannot send a STRAIGHT guy shopping and expect him to pick up colors like aqua blue, burnt orange, or mint green. Blue is blue, red is red, and orange is orange! There are no shades of colors. And if they had their way they would decorate in only three colors, black, black, and black!

My living room and new rug here:

My dear hubby wanted to get me a rug from Afganistan. They have gorgeous handmade rugs! He asked me what colors I wanted. I said I would like maybe an aqua color blue with reds, and greens. I got a red and blue rug. period. haha...I think it's hilarious. I do like my rug. Not one color in that thing I said I wanted...but wouldn't you know I think it goes with my decor right now. I was going for the travel far I got animal prints! ;)
I am inspired by these pictures here:
I want this leather ottoman instead of a coffee table!
Pottery barn

I'm thinking these vintage suitcases would go great with my travel look!
This chair would be perfect!

Photographer ....hello? I'm a photographer...I think I need this beauty in my new living room! ;)

Old cameras a must in the travel room! (I have three vintage cameras I've collected so far from thrift stores!

Of gotta have a faux fur throw on that leather chair!

What's a travel room without a vintage globe...on top a desk or bookshelf..with maybe a few books on world travel, Paris, and a few history books!

A little red for my leather chair I think....

Isn't this piece super yummy! Although I think I could totally do this myself...I love to beat up furniture and paint it...then my hubby shakes his head at me, while I'm taking a chisel and sandpaper to the piece I just painted! haha

you most definitely gotta have baskets in the room! ( I have a fetish for baskets and chairs) and definitely lots of little trees and plants!!!!

Well, what do you think of my new living room??? Next time I win the lottery I'm going to shop Pottery Barn and get these goodies! haha....I think PB ought to give me a free piece of furniture for advertising their goods here. :)

Hope your weekend is relaxing...and fun!



Sarah said...

I love the rug! Doug and I were just at the mall a couple Friday's ago and we were drooling in the PB store. We picked out a really cute bunk bed set for the girls. I fell in love with it! Unfortunately we will never be able to afford it!

Aubrey said...

Thanks Sarah! Well, you can do like the rest of us and just copycat PB ;)

Shalmalee.... said...

Wow...your living room looks awesome...and i like that rug! Btw the pics are beautiful...Go PB :)

Aubrey said...

thank you's a working progress! :)