Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My girlfriends came over and we watched I Love Lucy all night and ate and ate...and laughed and laughed! Good times...I've been a Lucille Ball fan from way back. I have lots of favorite episodes...this one takes the cake though.....


My nickname is Lucy...you'd have to ask my friends and siblings about that...it's a long story. But I'll give you a good example of why!

Last weekend I was talking to my sister-n-law on the phone, staring out my living room window. I noticed a car pulled up in front of my yard and parked, which at the time I thought was odd, because she was just telling me that she thought maybe she should call the police because she was walking the twins around her block and kept seeing this truck with a man in it parked at her neighbors and he had been sitting there awhile......so kinda weird that a strange car should pull up right then at my house and park in front of my door. Until I realized what was going on..............

Me on the phone: "there's a girl getting out of the car and she just pulled a baby carrier out of the back seat!"

Stares out the window watching the girl with three bags, a carseat and a baby walking up to my door.

Me again: O CRAP!!!! I know who that is.....I invited her over for dinner and totally forgot bout it!"

I stare at the leftovers and plates of crumbs left from supper on the table, run into the kitchen to see if there's any food left!!! Yes, there is THREE beans in the bottom of the crockpot and half of a biscuit on the stove, and there's a cherry tomato in the bottom of the salad bowl!

In defense of my scatterbrained ways, I made an open invitation in passing at her on facebook, when she said she was hungry. Her husband is deployed also. Well, I never got a response back and totally forgot about asking her. Actually I fed her well and we enjoyed a fun evening.

If you want to read more about my Lucy moments with my sisters you should read this.

People tell me all the time I'm funny, I argue that if they had have the stuff happen to them as I have had they would have to be funny or else they would go mental from it. I just tell myself that one day I will laugh at this...really I will.

Like when we adopted the ONLY dog out of all the dogs we had to choose from and he is allergic to just about everything and I'm cleaning up puke and who knows what at 3am in the morning....and my kids feel bad and pour a whole bottle of cheap cologne on the dumb dog, thus giving mom the worst migraine in medical history...I can't wash it out...I'm gonna have to shave him....he's a golden retriever and weighs 300 pounds dripping wet...it will take days to shave him...I shave him and now he wants to sleep in my bed under the covers cuz he's cold at night. Yes, maybe in ten years...or after I drop him off at "the farm" I will laugh!

I'm sure I'm not the only one with moments like these, but sometimes it sure feels like it. Like if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen to me kinda thing!

It's healthy to laugh at yourself every now and then...right?

  • Goodnight my friends~ Aubrey


Sarah said...

You crack me up! When does your sister-in-law get here with the twins?
For Friday, I think its just Bonnie, Beth and myself coming in

Agnes said...

Girl Powaaaa!!! :-)
Your nickname is Lucy -- LOVE IT!! (I've never seen I love Lucy)

HOPE said...

Well...one thing good about all this...is not only does the name fit...but I LOVE LUCY too..YOU!

You forgot to tell everyone that you also have a legion of Guardian Angels!!!

The dinner story is hilarious and I can SEE that...love the tomatoe in the bottom of the salad bowl.

I'm so glad you had a good hilarious night of just laughter and no thoughts of studies.

I still love the chocolate stuffed mouths from the conveyor belt job!


HOPE said...

Guess I should have watched your video first...Great minds think alike...uh..wait I take that back!! hee hee


ma mouf if fole u cho...kla

Shalmalee.... said...

hahaha! you sure are funny Aubrey :)

Perspective said...

This phone conversaiting happened to be the highlight of my day! I loved that moment!

christie perkins said...

oh..my..word..THAT was hilarious! i soooooo NEEDED that laugh! by the way, i was laughing WITH you, not at you! =) LOL!