Tuesday, November 2, 2010

papaya, German, and knitting

I've not been feelin' up to blogging much lately. Long nights and headaches keep me from wanting to stare at any screen ...or books for the matter. Speaking of screens, I LOVE skype!! I love being able to "see" my husband when we talk in the morning.

So I bought a papaya yesterday...one of the "food to eat on my bucket list"...yes I have a list of foods...I love all ethnicity of foods. So no, I've never tried papaya before and it keeps coming up in my nutrition class so I got one. I wasn't impressed like I was with the mango the first I had that. WOW...I've been seriously missing out...that stuff is sooooo incredible! The papaya maybe resembles a cantelope? Anyway, I don't know that I"ll buy it again (kind of a relief cuz if was pretty pricey for one) but it was good in some organic french vanilla yoghurt. I put some papaya with banana in the food processor and served it with the yoghurt, flaxseed, and granola. Pretty yummy dessert!!

I did learn that Papaya is a wonderful meat tenderizer and that your meat will fall to pieces leaving a piece of papaya overnight on your meat. I typically tenderize the meat with lemon juice overnight.

Finally got to go thrifting with my girls the other day and found a whole bunch of goodies. I only have pics of two so far....three bucks for the dress I'm wearing! I look pretty gross here, but I couldn't wait to show you my finds. I don't get as excited when I buy retail as I do when I find something from the thrift stores. I LOVE the thrill of the hunt and snagging a lovely outfit for mere pocket change!

Genevieve's sweater dress we found thrifting.

Today was our first day for language classes at the library. We learned a LOT! It was a lot of fun, and the cool thing, is that our teacher is German AND she is an Army wife and was quick to offer lots of important information that will be quite handy when we move to Germany. The kids took lots of notes and actually pronounced the words correctly. I think they will pick up on their German pretty easily!

kids with their German teacher, she is sooo sweet!

change of scenery...school at the library

Haleigh's second hat she's knitted. I love it!

Hope you all are having a good week~ Aubrey


Agnes said...

I love Skype :-) And papayas. Ich mag Skype. Und papayas.

You have such a nice family Aubrey :-) Deine Familie is wunderbar Aubrey.

Ich brauche practice (?)...

HOPE said...

Oh my..Haleigh's knitted hat is ADORABLE..she made this???

Das ist gut..learning German!

The kids can try it on dad!

Your title caught me off guard! LOL

What in the world is Papay German Knitting...this ought to be an interesting blog post!


Jessica said...

Hey you, it's been crazy over here in Lowville too! That is fantastic that the kids are learning german and I love Haleigh's hat, my grandma is going to give me and Elaina knitting lessons soon and I can't wait! Hope to talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

I don't know from where papaya comes exactly but here in Brazil is very common see it and it's price is really cheap. I guess 'cuz it's a fruit of tropical climates.
There is a dessert that we do here which call "papaya with cassis liqueur" or only "papaya with cassis" that is very simple to do. It is one of the most delicious desserts I've ever tasted.
But it is done with a papaya different than what you showed in the picture. It's one that is smaller, softer and sweeter than that. We call it "mamão papaya" 'cause the other, the great, the same you showed, is called "mamão".
The translation of "mamão" to english is papaya, so I'dont know how to call our "little papaya" in english :S.
Ahh, and its price is a bit more expensive than large papaya, at least here.
Have a good week :)

Shalmalee.... said...

hey...i love papayas...
and the hat looks grt...
and that outfit looks so grt on you...
and awwww.....i love yours kids...sweets :)

shannon said...

Love H's knitted hat! I showed Sierra the pic and she was like..."I wish I could do that." lol.

I agree, finding thrifted treasures are awesome and good for the pocket book!

I have also been trying out new fruits and vegs, especially that have loads of nutritional value and fiber and papaya is one of them. Yup, its from the tropical places...which I'm from so I guess that why I like it. However, the kids don't but when blended up into a smoothie with other fruits they don't even taste it and its good for them too! :)

Aubrey said...

Shannon! So good to hear from you....try the knitting looms from Joann's or walmart...Sierra will LOVE them! She can make her own hat!! XO

LeAnn said...

For real? first time eating papaya? The Route 1 flea market was just down the street from you some months ago and you could buy lovely huge fruits there for $2 or $3. I love them when they are ripe and sweet and DH hates them ans says they taste like someone spilled perfume on them. Hah HAH!
Cheers on the German, tell Haleigh I like her hat, I am still trying to teach myself to knit. A scarf is my greatest accomplishment so far. I really want to do some wool soakers for baby and a hat for myself.
Cute outfit, cute girl in it, too. :-)
Love to you!

Ryan and Elyse said...

Papayas are better with some lime juice squeezed all over them :)

Good luck with the German! Learning this language is pretty much the hardest thing I've ever had to do!!! When are you moving to Germany? do you know where yet?

Thanks for being a follower of my blog by the way!

-Elyse Aubrie