Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snug as a bug in a rug....

A busy week here....We took our homemade goodies to friends for Thanksgiving!

after thanksgiving was "my little pony" time! :)
Got to talk to my soldier on the way home....I was sad he missed Thanksgiving, as he had to work...I guess he was relieved it wasn't a big deal there, since he couldn't be home with his family....he would rather it be an ordinary day. It's the first thanksgiving we've ever been apart in 15 years...and we've decided we'll do Christmas when he comes you'll just have to excuse my lights being on for a few months ;)

Once a month I do a craft day for our homeschool group, this month Jessica organized card making...thanksgiving cards!

Our first snow of the season! It's always exciting the first time it snows...They were up bright and early pulling out their snow gear.
We have a lovely little hill in our backyard...perfect for sledding....and breaking your neck on a snowboard...haha...I think my son's got the hang of it finally.
I've been crochetting in a frenzy...while studying for finals of course(due in a week)! I'm loving these hats and as soon as school is out I will be putting these in my esty store. Aren't they cute? I made some for me too....I think they're the perfect vintage winter hat...I decided to just pin the flowers on so I can change out the color flowers to go with what I'm wearing. :)

I think I'm actually preferring to crochet rather than knit...I've also learned some new stitches and really enjoying exploring new patterns....:)

Well, I hope you are staying warm and finding something new and exciting to keep you busy during coming winter....:)

Till next time~ Aubrey


Abby said...

LOVE the hats!! so cute:)

Shalmalee.... said...

Hahaha...i love the title!

HOPE said...

Love the the hats..and LOVE THOSE KIDS!!!