Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby, It's cold outside...

Well, I realize I have not been so good at blogging lately! BUT....finals due this past weekend and a bout of the flu has kept me more than busy! I'm so relieved to get a break from school...six whole weeks! Ahhhh....lovely. I'm so excited to report that I finished with all A's ....I cannot believe I managed to pull through another semester with A's. This last semester was particularly tough with a midterm thrown in there, starting school with the kids, visitors, and well, life as a single parent with four kids...I could go on forever...


Snow, Snow and more snow here in upstate New York!!! I never shoveled so much snow in my life! My husband did all the work last year with the help of our neighbor who owned a snowblower! I had a measly snow shovel...kinda like diggin a ditch with a teaspoon...that's what I felt like shoveling the sidewalk and sooner I finish and I look behind to see another inch had fallen.

I thought only the Inuit Indians got this kind of snow!

It's I threw a party for finishing school, and starting a new chapter in my life....countdown to hubby coming home...lovely dinner with great friends....I wish I had my camera handy...but my lovely friend had her iphone handy and we got this pic...of silly ole' me...I can be a complete goofball sometimes! I'm thankful for the friends who love me for ME!!! heehee

What's funny is that I didn't know I had that kinda talent with my eyeballs!
Well, it's getting late and I have a photoshoot tomorrow to prepare for! Yippee!


LeAnn said...

Cheers on your success! I am so happy for you, and you certainly have every right to celebrate.

That picture of you is absolutely hilarious, I hope you sent it to Michael. I am sure it would make him smile. You are so funny.

It is hard to imagine that much snow from way down south.
Doesn't look like you will be needing any gymn time with all that shoveling, that is aREAL workout.
IF you like you could send just a bit of it this way for Christmas. A white Christmas would be lovely. :-)
Thanks for your comments on my blog, if you get a moment I would love to read anything you have on anise EO, I replied to your comment on my blog too.

J.H said...

It's super cold here too!!!
I wish global warming is not a myth, I have enough of snow in here :(

HOPE said...

I LOVE that photo of you shoveling...sorry! Genevieve did a fantastic job with the camera! Another photographer in the family. But the white with the red...really stands out nice!

Wish we were there to enjoy...I mean help with all the SNOW.

Stay warm and cozy INSIDE!