Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December happenings

I'm a busy bee these days! Where to fit in blogging???

A recap of this month's happenings thus far!

  • Army girls night out! Japanese Hibachi grill, Cruisin the mall, & Starbucks.

  • Homeschool Cookie exchange party at Jessica's. (also dress-up party) ;)

  • Christmas photoshoot...

  • Baking gingerbread cookies with kids....I don't know that giving them their own bag of icing to decorate was such a great idea... I had icing EVERYWHERE...

  • Made cinnamon buns...:)

Well, after reading this sounds like all I did was EAT!.......

Really.....I lived in the moment so to speak and didn't take a lot of photos..

just had fun with the kiddos in addition to enjoying my break from school. Which by the way, I have PASSED my finals with A's!!!

Did I mention I've had someone(army girl) staying with me the past few days....and tons of people showing up for Christmas dinner....which I will be cooking/baking. 13 kids total on Christmas Day!

I think maybe perhaps I'm overcompensating for lack of a much needed man/family in the house! He is sorely missed and we are most regretful that he will not be here on Christmas. :( We are hopeful he will be able to skype with us Saturday morning. I've promised to leave everything UP until he comes it appears that we may be celebrating Christmas in March....:) Meanwhile, we're so grateful we have each other...that we are happy and well, and God has given us another reason to celebrate and praise Him for all He's done for us.

Goodnight~ Aubrey


HOPE said...

Now that is my kind of Gingerbread get-together!! Lots of messy, gooie fun!

Like the Princess girls..cute!

Paula Kathlyn said...

You are too cute! I love your hair and little flower...adorable :)