Saturday, January 29, 2011

February is finally!

Sometimes I wish my road would just travel straight ahead, no curves, no suprises, yeah the highway is boring sometimes but you can see ahead....course the bends in the road can also lead to an exciting new adventure..............Saturday the bend in the road left me stranded in the snow.
I was coming home from a photoshoot and stopped to pick up milk from a farmer friend...long story short got stuck in the snow couldn't get out. Tried for an hour....had no shovel (i will invent a fold up snow shovel I swear for my car) and used my poor, worthless faux leather boots to scrape what snow I could off the side of the road so I could haul my van out the snow.
Nobody was near enough to get help that I would haven't to walk a good ways...finally I spied someone returning to their home and took off to ask them for help. An elephant-sized dog met me in the yard, barking like I was set to rob his house. I yelled nevermind and ran to the other side of the road. Five minutes later the guy drove up behind my car and offered to pull me out.
Did I mention I had no cell phone reception??? Genevieve assured me, however, that should we find no help we shouldn't starve as we still had half a bag of dried fruit in the car!
Aside from my lil mishap, I had a wonderful time with my friend, Sarah. We made brought our scrapbook stuff and made some cards,
Here are some I made!

ate mexican food, and then watched Man From Snowy River.....we both love I had to include my favorite clip from the movie....the part where all the men give up chasing the wild herd and Jim rides down the mountain on his horse and rounds up the whole herd! Gotta watch this.... my fav part! ;)

Because I had to be at the wedding so early on Sat...the girls and I spent the night with sarah and her girls. They so love a slumber party! :)

Speaking of weddings, this adorble couple were both widows and met at our church. I have yet o get all the pics edited I took (200) but thought I'd leave you with a snapshot of the two. Agnes is blind, but it doesn't stop her from living life to the fullest...including finding love at 84 years old. We also had the local news film the wedding!

Sarah also runs a Cair Terrier puppy farm.....the girls were so excited to see the puppies. They still have puppies that need a good home if you are looking for one! ;)

Wondering if any of you are braving the blizzardy weather as I am??? I like moderation. I' m so ready for spring!!! Today I braved the weather and turned in my application for a new passport exciting! :)

Stay warm and stay in touch~ Aubrey

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HOPE said...

this couple is precious!!!

Oh yes..keep LOTS of dried fruit in the car...cause you just never know!!! (maybe some drink pkgs with the straws attached...and some blankets and some...some..some..

Thank the LORD for ALL your multitude of ANGELS watching over you!!