Friday, January 21, 2011

What not to wear

It turns out that you can't return clothes to the thrift store afterall :)
I bought three sundresses from Sally's aka salvation army for 20 "friends" said they looked beautiful on me. After finding a bra {although I'd say mine appeared more like goggles in fabric) and trying the dresses on I was digusted....I didn't feel pretty at all and
I promptly got down on the floor and did 50 leg lifts, 10 pushups( that's all I could do) and 20 crunches...and swore I would go to the gym everyday next week and catch up on Zumba class.
'Course if I really tried to get my hips in proportion to my boobs, I would have no waist!!! aggghhhhh.....

I blame it on 4 little people and the fabric! :) Maybe I'll skip the thrift stores in my hunt for summer would seem that polyester and stretch fabric is not working! I love cotton anyway!

All was not lost as I snagged this vintage blue and white polka-dot dress for one of the girls to wear at our ceremony in May. They are all wearing red shoes with their blue dresses!

I also fell in love with these shoes for 2bucks! :)

I went to my favorite store...Charlotte Russe and tried on this BLUE maxi dress and loved it! It's going with me to Jamaica!

My husband kindly reminded me that it really didn't matter what I wore, we are going to have a great time...and we would never run into those peope again anyway.....WHICH is why I will be shopping for HIS clothes too before we leave the country! haha...;)

Happy birthday to my wonderful, darling mommy! ~

Have a great weekend~ Aubrey


christie perkins said...

agh! that stinks no refund or credit?! =( i am loving the dress from CR! i bought 2 maxi dresses from them last year at end of season , major clearance! can we say "shoppers high"?? LOL! =) the shoes are SUPER cute! Love them! $2, thats insane! and an awesome deal! =)

Anonymous said...

loving the shoes!!! they might just go missing!

bradycharles said...

First of all, you could wear a potato sack and look fabulous!!! Which is totally disgusting to me! Haha....look at this way, if you went to a nude resort you wouldn't be having clothes finding troubles....just a thought!! :) love ya Sis, I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful! Worry less about what your going to wear and more on enjoying yourself and your hubs!!!! You are going to have sooo much deserved fun!! Love you lots, and than some!

Audra said...

Wow...our thrifts will let you return within seven days with receipt and tags still attached...for store credit. Helps soften the blow when something doesn't work out.

Love the shoes! I have a hard time believing you didn't look amazing in the dresses you picked out, you are such a stunning, lovely woman.

Can I tell you how much I am loving those shoes?! Fantastic price!

Have a wonderful weekend!