Wednesday, January 19, 2011

army life and gifts from soldier!

My husband is so proud of the fact that he got to meet General Pretraeus! He sworn him(michael) in for yet another 5 years in the Army! (yay me!)
So I was determined to have a better day today and I started kickboxing this morning with my kids. They needed the exercise too, being that we've been cooped up in the house with all this snow that keeps coming. Genevieve decided I needed a makeover complete with big pink hoops and red chunky necklace. :)
I got a box today from my soldier....with his medal and several rugs!!!
Ziggy is trying this one's a sage green with black the foot of my bed.
Trying to figure out where in the world I'm going to put all these I decided to hang this one behind my bed. What do you think? I took a curtain rod I had with some rings to hang it with. It feels more like a throw or kinda like tapestry, so I was thinking I should hang it or throw it on the back of my couch. The colors are red, a burnt orange and some gold. I would add those colors in pillows on the bed.
My sister -n-law got me a gift card to TJ Maxx for christmas and I found these pretty mercury glass candle holders for my dresser....decided I would deck the bedroom out before soldier comes home.
I love this rug! But it is sort of a runner so it works perfect in front of the front door!
Terrible lighting in this pic...but it's definitely red...:)...and it pretty much covers my entire living room. OH...and I painted an H to go atop my picture collage! (H-first letter of my last name) ;)
Here is one of my recent projects. I hung a wrought iron curtain rod and ordered the hangers from here!

My son drew the Eiffel tower...the two vintage photos are of my grandpa who was a warrant officer in the army...he was a helicopter pilot...and a smashingly handsome soldier! ;) He passed away when I was 14...I have wonderful memories of him! I should really share better(closer) pics next time!

Im a big fan of Josh Groban....His new CD Illuminations just came out and of course I got my can listen to a clip of one of his new songs here out NYC!! I will be playing his song "When you say you love me" when we renew our vows. So this picture I framed came out of the back of the pamphlet of his new album. Yes..I's a gorgeous portrait of the brooklyn bridge in NYC in sorta of a sepia tone. I loved it and now it's framed on my wall! :)

Thank you all for your comments...I loved reading them and they were a comfort! :)

Aubrey xo


LeAnn said...

Ah, those rugs are beautiful!!!! and as always I love your decorating style. You are amazing!

christie perkins said...

that picture of Hubby with General Pretraeus is sooo awesome! must have been totally exciting for him! =) im jealous! =) LOL! i would loooooove to have a chance to meet Lt. Col. Allen West, i actually want to "draft" him for President, West to the West Wing =) LOL! anyhoo..i think the rugs are beautiful! and love how you hung the one behind your bed, i think its looks great! wonderful idea! your so smart! =0) where do you get these great ideas??? =)

Parchey Family said...

The rug on the wall behind your bed is beautiful. I really like it as a wall hanging. When I read your last post a lot of memories came flooding back and then remembering that I will be experiencing all those feelings again in a very short two weeks. Sitting at home makes time pass like a snail. Having people around helps alittle but you always be lonely for the one person you want to be there. Keep your chin up it really is almost over soon.

Maybe I will see you next Tuesday. Angie

Audra said...

I big *puffy* Josh Grobin too!

What a great idea to use the cd art as wall art, you are so creative!

So happy to hear you are renewing your vows! What an amazing tribute your love and commitment. Can't wait to see the pictures!