Thursday, January 13, 2011

My little men

My little men....I feel so blessed to have these two guys in my life. In a few months I will have two teenagers (they are 13 months apart) and I can honestly say that they bring great joy to me. They have such good attitudes and carry a positive outlook on life. They help me out so much, I rarely have to ask ...they have really helped to lessen the load of caring for so much with their dad away. He would be very proud of them.

I'm bragging on them because the past year their dad has been gone, they have had to take on extra responsibility and they haven't complained one time!! They take each day as it comes happy and cheerful.....and I marvel that teens CAN actually be happy and helpful afterall :P
Ive felt bad for having to ask so much of them...they are just willing and obedient and do it!!!

They are dressed for church in the pic above...they sang with their little sisters that night. It was funny because we had practiced a song that week just in case they are ever asked. I told them they should always be ready as the Lord may call on them to share His Word in song...well, there was no special singing that evening, so the song leader asked if the kids could sing.....wished you could've seen their faces!!! (mom is right once in awhile)

I'm praying they keep their sweet spirit of joy and happiness as they continue grow in their teen years! I plan to have lots of fun with my teens!!



the mountain fox said...

What sweet boys! You are lucky to have them and they you.

Perspective said...

Your children are a blessing to all of those who meet them. You are a testimony to other people and especially other moms to have four children with a heart for the LORD and my oh my are they talented! God has certainly blessed you all! (I wish you lived closer!)

Loree said...

What sweet little men. Glad to hear there is hope even during the teenage years :)

carla said...

What handsome sons you have!

They look like great kids.

Aubrey said...

Thank you're so sweet! I am truly blessed! :)

HOPE said...

They are my TEEN HEROS!!!

Oh how I LOVE these wonderful young men! aaah...can you stop growing so quickly!!!

There are not enough words to descibe them...HEROS, HANDSOME..the list goes on...

I LOVE You all

Christie Perkins said...

thats awesome! what a Blessing they are to you! i cant imagine when my "little man" gets that biiig! =)

Anonymous said...

what do you mean would be proud of them?i am very proud of my boys.please tell them both how much I appreciate them.

love ya babe