Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flying South!

If I tap my red shoes three times and whisper "I wish michael were home" would it work??? ;)

I have so much to look forward to in the next few months and now time is just crawling ever so slowly for us.

My soldier surprised me by planning a trip ...a sorta second honeymoon trip for us when he gets home. This came about as we have been planning a small vintage ceremony in May to renew our vows...we will be married 15 years in May! He mentioned perhaps a trip to the Carribean....he had it all figured out and I was nervous! My husband will buy anything from anybody just to not hurt their feelings. {eg. He recently bought me FIVE rugs from Afganistan...he said he couldn't decide on the colors and felt bad because the guy kept rolling rugs out for him to look at so he just said I'll take ALL of them!} case in point! There could be a rug giveaway coming soon!

So yes, I was a wee bit nervous him planning he trip and couldn't shake the terrorizing mental picture of me peeing in a tiny hole in the ground and a staying in grass hut! :) And coming back with malaria and tape worm.

Back to the trip planning.....I was completely surprised as usually I am the one that plans the trips, hotel reservations, ect. ect. Well, he said, " Honey, what do you think about staying at the Titanic in Turkey????" the what???

I don't think I would've been more suprised if he would have asked me to go to Mars with him in a spaceship!

"I thought the Titanic sunk?" I said bewildered.

Well.... so it happens to be a replica of the Titanic and it's a resort on the beach in Antalya, Turkey. This was not actually a place on our list of places to visit before we die, but I was game for any vacation ....period. I just wanted to make sure this Titanic wasn't going back out to sea!!!!!

A few days later, we settled on the Sandals Resort in Jamaica!!! I'm estatic! I've always wanted to visit Jamaica and we are going for five whole days. Our itinerary is so full of activities right now I hope we can make time to just sit on the beach and relax! Some activities we will be doing: Horseback riding on the beach, ziplining, snorkeling, kayaking, couples massage, sailing...:)

So now that we have a destination in mind...I have been on the hunt for cute sundresses, yoga capris, ect...beach hats...any suggestions on your favorite websites? What would you pack if you were going to Jamaica? It never fails that I always pack more than I need!!!! I will also NOT be checking in baggage....so anything I pack will be coming aboard with me!

I look forward to your suggestions or travel stories :)

Aubrey xo


Christie Perkins said...

thats hilarious!! LOL! AHHHH! im soooo stinkin' jealous! (in a good way of course) that sounds heavenly! i hope yall have such a wonderful time and take lots and lots of those beautiful pictures that you take! here are some links to my favorite stores with lots of cute stuff and not outrageously expensive..my closet is full of stuff from these 3 places..absolutely LOOVVE these stores!




Aubrey said...

Thanks so much Christie! Charlotte Russe is my favorite store! I just recently found delias.

Christie Perkins said...

me too! then you will really like delias as well! i just got some really cute things at delias last week! they were having a huge instore clearance sale PLUS $10 off every $30 that you spend!! talk about a shoppers high!! LOL! =) the mall here on harbinson (im sure you remember that one) already has a charlotte russe, and a delias but they are opening a forever 21 in the spring!!! im soo excited! LOL! i love finding great stores with the "eclectic/vintage" kind of style i like without being sooo overpriced! =)

Aubrey said...

Unfortunately I only have Charlotte Russe in our mall! But with the blizzard happening here I'm doing a lot of online shopping anyhow! :P

LeAnn said...

I'm laughing too! I love that about your blog, you make me laugh.

Your trip sounds fab! and I am thrilled for you. You certainly deserve a get away like that after all the long lonely days without your man. I am sure it will be lovely.

I would not be the person to recommend shopping locations. The only shopping words I know are Flea Market, garage sale, and thrift store. LOL!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I would love to talk soon. Maybe I can call you one night when D is gone after the kiddos are tucked in for the night.

Jessica said...

Hey you a honeymoon? Wowee sounds like fun are you going with or without kiddos? With all the snow falling it seems like the perfect time to plan for a tropical retreat.

JeNaSis DeSiGn said...

YAH for you guys!! Can't wait to hear about all the adventures you happen upon!! ;D (I've been there...we were dropped off by the cruise ship for the day and wowwy what a fun and interesting day, hehe)

Aubrey said...

shelbs~ I would love to hear the "interesting" part! I will call you soon~ xo

Aubrey said...

Jess~ Kids get to spend vacation with their grandparents!

Shannon said...

OMG, Aubrey...I'm so very excited for you!!! You totally desire a much needed vacation, and a vacay to Jamaica sounds so exotic and so perfect...so you!!! <3

J.H said...

wow, nice one :-)
I prayed you and your hubby has a great time for your 15th anniv! You both truly deserve it.
But I had never been to Jamaica, however Turkey - I can cluck abit about Istanbul LOLs.