Thursday, February 17, 2011

Decorating on a budget

Thought I crashed my laptop it back to working today...after spending all day at the library catching up on school work. It's been busy busy busy around here as time is running out for this deployment and soon very soon we will be hanging welcome home signs and blowing up balloons. I can't sleep...I'm so excited and so staying busy right now is a great thing!

I've been doing a few decor changes to my home before hubby gets back. As you know I hung one of the many rugs he sent home behind our bed and I got real lucky the other day when I visited Pier One for inspiration. I don't normally shop there, however much that I love that store to pieces, but this day they were having a pillow sale! I found these pillows to match the rug. I'm in love with my room all over again. I wanted it very much to feel like a hotel suite and my friend amanda actually said so the other day when she saw the new do! :)

Remember the chandelier overhead (that I found by the road)? Well I got this idea to burn some tapered candes and put them in place of the bulbs for a sort of drippy candle effect! I'lll post those pics later! :)

My husband mentioned that perhaps I would find a new TV cabinet as he really hates that I pick up stuff off the side of the road, paint it, and call it furniture!

So I saw this piece at my friend Angie's (hi Angie, call me! :) And decided that this would be perfect for my new do in the living room.
We, army wives, amanda and aubrey, put this together, hung the tv and everything with 7 kids around, without a hole in the wall, throwing a tool, or ending up with extra pieces....I'm think we did pretty good! ;)
I like that the top serves sort of as a mantel to decor with the seasons...I'm so getting ready for I found these cute little stone birds at TJ Maxx for 2.99....this shabby chic (can't get away from it) bookend for 3.99 also. Old hardbound poetry books were a freebie at a yard sale.
Got this iron looking clock awhile back for 8 bucks at Family Dollar and put it in an iron easel I had...loved this concrete candle holder from TJ MAxx for 9.99! Looks so old european! Birdie next is a roll of moss from the dollar tree! This is how I decorate on a budget! :)
Since I moved the tv I needed to put stuff on this here's what I came up with...two shelves from Target...picture frames were a 50% of sale at Michaels...with an additional 25% off coupon! :) This clock (i have a clock fettish) was 5.00 at TJ Maxx.
Framed certificate to my soldier for the medal he recieved since he's been deployed. Also got the frame from Michael's.
I had to give up my beloved white couch from Ikea....although it did go to a family who needed furniture. My new furniture should come this week....found a nice leather set at almost cost! Super deal and can't wait to show you to pillow shop for the living room :)
Hope you are enjoying your week...finally we are getting a few days with no snow and sunshine! perhaps spring is almost here!
Till next time~ Aubrey


Loree said...

Looks like you've been very busy Aubrey. You've done a good job all around.

Parchey Family said...

I love your bedroom and the entertainment center. It does go together really easy as my husband also did not throw any tools or have any left over parts. I will call soon to see if you are still interested in hitting the gym. Have fun preparing for your husbands return. It is a very exciting time. Angie

HOPE said... too..runs in the family! and where did you hide this iron looking clock when I was there??? don't tell me it's really plastic! Looks soo nice! Anymore at that store??

You and Amanda did alright..just DON'T move it! hee hee

The pillow is PERFECT..what a find.

Love the beautiful Army Commendation...

hang in there..