Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tips on healing colds/flu

Taking care of three little sickies this weekend. Doesn't she look pitiful...she was trying hard :)

I may missed a trip to the gym today, but I think I'm getting my workout running hot tea up and down the stairs and running eucalyptus baths and disinfecting bathrooms ect.

I was asked to post what I do to manage fevers ect..... I'll try to remember..

I always use eucalyptus oil (about 3 drops) in bath water. If you want to know more about this essential oil, I have a whole post written under healthy living. I also rub a couple drops into their is wonderful to help them breathe and kill germs at the same time when they sleep.

I also do ginger root baths. I boil several inches of ginger root peeled and toss the water and all in their bath. This helps them to sweat to break the fever as well as remove toxins from their body. I also have them drink ginger tea all day.

Eat lots of garlic...make garlic tea, make goop (garlic poultice) for chest and feet.

Good ole fashion vapor rub for chest and feet. It works well on the soles of the feet because this is absorbed faster.

Lots and lots of fluids....NO sugar...NO's best to just juice veggies or fruit when they are sick rather than put more strain on the body to digest food when it is already working hard to kill the virus or bacteria.

Lots of sleep. I also do lavender in the baths and on the pillows to induce sleep. Keep the room dark and the house quiet...Read stories and do relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and lavender massages! :)

I make many pots of herbal teas to help speed recovery and boost the immune system.

Today I made this tea ( I don't have a name) I made it up and I thought it was pretty good. It contains herbs that help reduce fevers, congestion, ect.

These are loose leaf ingredients that I combine in a strainer and pour my water over, then let simmer for 3-5 minutes, before removing the strainer.

  • yarrow (antiseptic, antibiotic, promotes sweating, sedative, antiinflammatory)
  • cleavers (high in vit C, lymphatic detox)
  • peppermint (decongestant, expectorant, tummy aches)
  • chamomile (sedative, antispasmodic, nausea)
  • ginger (for fevers, nausea, headaches, antiviral)
  • honey (antibacterial, sweeten bitter tea)
  • half a lemon(high in vit C, detox, for fevers)

These are just examples of herbs I have on hand that I used to make a "get-well tea" Any of these with or by itself are great! I do recommen using another tea with yarrow as it is bitter tasting, but sweetened with honey and lemon is tolerable. I sometimes also use licorice root which is excellent for sore throats, colds and flu!

Sore throats: gargle with sea salt and very warm water throughout the day, I also make a strong garlic water and gargle with it.

Diarrhea: 1 tbs of Braggs raw apple cider vinegar (with the mother) in a glass of pure water till cramps and diarrhea cease.

The trick to healing is LOTS of fluid, LOTS of sleep, and continuing the natural remedies throughout the duration of the illness and then supporting your immune system thereafter. I usually do several baths a day, and get them to drink the tea and water ect all day.

If you're nervous about making teas can find many teas formulated for specific needs such as for sore throats, colds/flu.

There are many more natural remedies..these are just a few I've been using over the weekend and most that I have conveniently on hand.


This information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or prescribe for any disease or medical condition.

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LeAnn said...

Great advice!!! Hope ya'll feel better soon. HUGS!

J.H said...

Hi Aubrey,
Sorry I didn't stalk your blog as often as I wanted to. And I owe you apology for not replying your comments either!! The truth is I am (nearly type "was" but it is not over yet) really swamp... with school, work, and not to mention one of my dearest pastor's wife got cancer. So, I am sorry for not reading your update... but I hope I can make it up to you :-)
I read your post about afganistan, remind me that I watch this great documentary "woman, wedding, war and me", narrated by british afgan teenager.
Coming from moslem country, Indonesia, I would say that many things she said is close to the truth. Although, fortunate enough, my country had never been under mujahedeen or taliban like leader. Beware though, those program contain some upsetting scene - especially for us woman.

Agnes said...

Oh this is very helpful! Vitamin C is great too.

Toyin O. said...

Great tips, thanks for sharing.