Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Can't believe my soldier is almost here???? My heart is doing backflips and my hands get sweaty thinking about it!

I'm going shopping this week to find that special outfit/dress to welcome him home! Any ideas? What would you wear? My girlfriend was laughing at me when I mentioned I could just go in my coat...I don't think it's gonna matter what I'm wearing ;)

I love this coat...I am into purple lately...or is this plum?

Ziggy is a full-day at the vet clinic Tuesday...We decided to take him with us to Germany. I think he will come back half a cat...I hope he doesn't hate me for doing this....

This is me and Ziggy...love at first sight when he was just a tiny....somewhat large kitten! We are standing next to the milk tank in the barn! Now he has grown into quite the monster! I will have to post a recent pic later. :(

...now's the part where I back up and tell you what happened to me(& Ziggy) last week.I wrote the above part of the blogpost before what I'm about to tell you! I was getting stressed with all the stuff the military would have you go through to get your pet toGermany, not to mention the expense, I thought perhaps Ziggy would be better off with another home here! Two weeks went by and no home for Ziggy ...so I put my big girl panties on and trucked him down to the pet adoption agency where they would do interviews and find him a good home. I was not prepared to get emotional nor was I prepared to fill out a huge questionare on his bathroom habits, social life, and menu preference! I felt like I was selling out my child! I could feel him staring at me behind the glass wall of the kennel they put him in. What have I done?

Two days of feeling like something was missing, nightmares, worrying....What should I do, I asked my hubby over skype that afternoon. "Go get your cat!"

Long story short, I went to the shelter and adopted my own dang cat!!!!! Who does that?

I stopped at the store for some kitty toys and big bag of food, hoping to redeem myself when I picked him up. The same lady was at the counter, I handed her the money, mumbling something of an excuse about being a moron and realizing I can't live without my cat!

Ziggy was so happy, he forgave me instantly and didn't let me out of this sight!

My blogging has slown down due to excessive amounts of school!

I'm taking Aromatherapy in school..we're learning how to make everything from tinctures/elixrs and room sprays. I got a room spray I'm using now...it's cloves and other spices...I love it...my kids tell me it smells like Chinese food.....I'm thinking I might need to place a warning label on this one...."might notice an increase in weight gain. On a positive note, you will be a master at chopsticks".

Till next time~ Aubrey


Loree said...

Poor Ziggy. I am sure he forgave you though. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with cloves. I love their smell but it gives me a headache.

HOPE said...

hee hee..Dad would LOVE that spray!

Happy Ziggy...he might not even mind a collar with leash now..just to make sure YOU don't run off!

Counting the minutes for soldier to come HOME tooo...


Skyland Dr said...
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Christie said...

purple!!?? i would have my whole house purple if i could! my absolute favorite color! LOVE the coat!...thats sooo stinkin' funny that you adopted your own cat twice! i cant blame you! must have been scary though when you showed up the second time wondering if he was still there! way to go hubby! =)

Casandra said...

If he is anything like my hubby, he would be thrilled if you showed up in 'only' a coat;).

Aubrey said...

@ cassandra LOL..that would be him! It was great talking to you! xo

bradycharles said...

First off, love love love te coat.... But than again I love purple!!! I say wear a coat only and some really hot high heels :) woohooo!!!!

I can't believe you gave up Ziggy than adopted again, oh wait yes I can!!! Lol too funny!!!