Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicken bones in the sock drawer ect ect

I hate kids!!

I'm Kidding......

"They" say this too shall pass and one day we will miss these awful things they do to us!

I just wonder if "they" ever had kids...or more than one at least.

Anyway, I sighed, took a picture... and today I'm googling how to pull molasses-like tar out of stuff and....... looking for the tea fairy that will magically fill up the tea jug if you put away empty, and wondering if a chicken really did crawl up in the drawer and die, or if they REALLY did put a chicken leg in their sock drawer!!

Found empty cereal box...common. I guess there is a cereal fairy too!!

My husband asked why in the world I was taking pictures in the kitchen while mumbling under my breath. I told him he wouldn't understand seeing as how he wants another one of them two little legged creatures.

Can you tell I had a long day yesterday...hahaha...I went to a ladies meeting at church and came home to a spotlessly clean house, laundry done(albeit my silk blouse was washed with white towels), and my shoes all in a neat row in my closet.....awww...he's AMAZING!!!!

No wonder people say I have a wonderful sense of humor....if I didn't ...well I'll just leave it at that.

It's not so hard to deal with all the chaos and imperfections a big family can bring, when there are sooooo many other things about them that are such a blessing and make your life so incredible!!

Aubrey xo


Loree said...

I totally agree - although I only have one little two-legged creature but he creates enough mess for 10 :)

Paula Kathlyn said...

Oh my word! This is sooo funny!

Paula Kathlyn said...

P.S. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing a smashed strawberry out of my carpet yesterday...I also love when I find sippy cups filled with sour milk hiding in a random toy box or when I find my two year old, hiding in the pitch black closet with a half eaten piece of gum since he isn't supposed to have gum! LoL! The life of a mom :)

Aubrey said...

@PK o my... so remember the days of sour milk bottles under the car seats and sippy cups! lol

HOPE said...

I'm patiently waiting for that INCREDIBLE week..with all these two legged creatures!!

It is true that it shall pass..waaaaaay to fast!!!

I think I might leave some fingerprints on the wall when they leave...and perhaps the ring around the tub would be a nice reminder...stinky tennis shoes..nooooo way. THOSE can go with you!!!!

Can't wait!!!

LeAnn said...

HAHA! Very funny and all to real.

These are the moments when we say, "Exactly WHAT were you thinking?"