Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are we there yet???

Geez Louise!!!

I'm soooo tired....and we haven't even started moving!

Acchhhh...what did we get ourselves into...maybe we should just cancel
and move ourselves to Washington!!

So depressed yesterday thinking of how far away we're going to be

,I'll miss my baby nephews growing up,
and my sissie....I won't see her for awhile...I checked tickets and

it would cost about 1500 dollars for ONE ticket to Germany!

Three years suddenly seems like an eternity.

Then last night my friend sarah came over to sell scensy at my party, I picked up a canister of Luna...I got a huge lump in my happened to be the exact scent my sissie was burning in her housewhile I visited last month. oh what a mess!

So guess what scent I'm getting...sigh

We had to take an anti-terrorism class today...If they were trying to talk us out of going or scare usit almost worked.

Basically don't tell anyone you're in the army,

that you're American

and don't travel in a large group.

Well the hubby's and sons buzz cuts might give that away,

the fact that we have an american southern accent

and we have a big family...

I guess we're a moving target!

We have been in appts and overseas briefings all week,

more to come next week,

And this morning I came to a decision,

I withdrew from my classes this semester, it's too much,

there's no way I can focus on school and devote myself to all

the reading and assignments required of me each week.

So I will resume class in the Fall.

I need a break, my eyes and head hurt.

All in all I have faith that everything will work out,

according to His plan, not mine,

and all is not lost if it is to perform His work and will,

although, I'm overwhelmed, confused and's His timing

and His plan that I must seek after!

So I take this day by day, and only focus and

worry about what I can accomplish today!

Piggybackin' my sissie and my cousin




HOPE said...

I love that fun and cute of all of you!!! tell me about it....whaaa from Nana!!!

You will however not believe how faaaast three years passes...just think how quickly it seems since you just left WA..right? or we were visiting!! Wasn't it yesterday?

A voice is only moments always remember that!!!

We love you very much...

Sarah said...

So I think you should just stay put! LOL For real though, its going to be fine. I think you made the right decision about taking a break from school for now though. I was worried about you! Call me any time...I'm just a phone call away!

Carrie said...

You will do fine, just look how far you've come already! I'm sure you did the right thing taking a break from school. There are only so many hours in a day, after all. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of you dress!

bradycharles said...

I miss you!! We will do our best to save our money and come visit!!! 3 years is too long, I don't want to wait that long ever again to see you guys! Love you so much, loved every second with you guys too :) muuuuahhhh!! Call me any time of day or text are never alone....In you quietest moments HE is there and we are in your hearts!!