Friday, May 6, 2011

Back to reality

What is it with chinese can eat everything on their buffet, but half an hour later you're starving again! And don't tell me it's cuz it's dog or cat!

We started the first of a zillion appts to get ready for our move to Germany....ugh...endless phone calls, taxiing here and there, and sitting and sitting and sitting in waiting rooms. "This too shall pass...." I keep telling myself that it will be worth all the hassle and trouble when we're settled there.

Funny how you mention you have to move to germany and EVERYONE has an aunt, uncle, or best friend's grandma's niece that went there, and be sure to buy a cookoo clock, and did you know the Autobaun has no speed limit???

So I was a bit worried about the doctor visit today as I don't vaccinate and my kids haven't been to a doctor since I don't know when. They are pretty healthy and they rarely catch a virus, if they have I have always treated it myself naturally (alternative medicine). However, bringing all this up in a conventional medicine practice is not always looked upon with envy. So imagine my apprehension when I meekly told the doctor no he's never seen my kids before, nor have they had their shots (beware they might have rabies) and last but no least, I homeschool!

Usually they look at me like I have three eyeballs...they don't know where to look! So prayers were answered and not only did the doctor commend me for keeping my kids healthy and taking care of their needs myself, he offered to let me teach a wellness class at his office. haha....

More importantly he respected my wishes concerning the vaccinations and only gave the ones absolutely necessary to travel. In the end we were both happy, I got my papers signed and approved that I needed, and now I can check that off my list. :)

Till next time~

Aubrey xo


HOPE said...

Maybe you can SQUEEZE in that class and charge the mom's for senisible advice..then you can purchase that COOKOO CLOCK!!!

Good for you!!! after all you blog says NATURALLY MOMMA! YOU GO GIRL! I mean MOMMA!




LeAnn said...

Awesomeness! That is def prayers answered. To bad you can't take that doctor with you. :-)
It is really great to know a doctor that is open and tolerant, if not favorable to our strange and unusual ways of handling life. :-)

Thanks again for the great afternoon. It was wonderful to hang out. Love to you, as always.

Anonymous said...

You certainly found a rare Dr. in the military medical profession. I'm so thankful for that for you!

We get crazy looks too when I say my children don't go to the doctor hardly ever or get their shots. Kudos for standing up for yourself and your children!

christe Perkins said...

YIPPEE! im sooo glad that the docs visit went well, i was praying for you guys! we dont vaccinate or see a Ped/doc (except my homebirth Midwife) either and i know exactly what you mean with the "3 eye balls" look!LOL! i can sooooo relate! LOL!