Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cottage Kitchens

Recently I have spring cleaned my house…I know I’m a little late!  But seriously it was starting to look like “a rainbow threw up in my house”! It was time to put away the dark colors of winter anyway, and freshen up with a coastal cottage look…white is sooooo summery and everything feels so clean…I promise to reveal pics soon.  

I stumbled across these enchanting cottage kitchens….I love the cozy feel to them….the best part is that you can affordably and probably DIY these ideas easily! :P These are all from here.

I ADORE these shelves and the Mantel…Gee I never thought of putting up a mantel in the kitchen, but how easy would that be???!!! See the tea cups hanging off the shelves….drroooollliiinnnggg! I’ve decided the next house I buy, I’m totally yanking the top cupboards out the wall and hanging shelves! Yep!


 I want a red stove! I love the exposed beams…  and the curtain….and the cupboards …..and the sink!!  ck2

See the shelves again!!! I’m pretty sure I could put them shelves together…uh huh!



so into yellow recently…  Looky there another mantel/shelf above that stove I love that the breakfast bar hangs out so far, so that you can actually sit comfortably and not sit sideways to eat your bagel! :)ck5

I SUPER DUPER love this awesome brick archway…look at all the goodies on that pot rack! Not crazy about the tile…reminds me of my kitchen a few days ago!

  ck7Here we go with these adorable cottage shelves… I love the stack of cookbooks on them! And who doesn’t love geraniums….and even cuter in their kitchen window…I love the antique scale!! I love the wood counter tops, but with an eleven yr old who takes a shower while doing dishes, these would be buckled up in a week and splittin’ boards.

ck8Here’s another one with brick….love the shelves on the side.

ck3And you gotta have those window doors on the cupboards in a real cottage kitchen!! I adore this island….I don’t particularly care for the black tile…it’s a little to modern I think for this kitchen!ck6I.Love. These. White-washed. Cupboards!!!   Oh and the old antique wine jar….and the exposed shelves….and yes, one can NEVER have tooo many bowls in a cottage kitchen. :)ck9

I hope you were inspired as much as I was!!! My creative juices are flowing and I’m back to work doing my thang…..

Enjoy your weekend…I’m off to church!

Aubrey xo


HOPE said...

I NOTICED...the PICNIC table for dining!


that is our family heritage!!

Nothing like a REAL picnic table for the kitchen!

Imaging how cute you could fix one up...painted WHITE...with those RED Geraniums in a pot in the middle!!!

Nice kitchen tour..thanks!

Now were is my hammer, saw and PAINT CAN!


Michele Alger said...

I Love how cozy they are!