Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pottery Barn DIY pillows



I get the Pottery Barn catalog just about every month I think! I’m not complaining…I find myself copying their decor in every room. I just love it! So this past month I was really loving their new pillows.  I put the red away since it’s summer and wanted to put some lighter pillows on my dark couches…so I attempted to copy their pillows!  I thought these crocheted ones would look great on leather….


pillows And so here is my version….I recycled some old sweaters into pillows…this one is a slipcover so I can wash when dirty…I added these chunky buttons too!


This one looks more like the pottery barn crocheted pillows…also made from an old sweater I recycled…I tend to save clothes we don’t wear if I really like the fabric…I know I will find a use for it later!


I loved their display here…..And since we LOVE dominos and scrabble I had to copy!! Little kids love putting them in the jar for fun too! Excuse the flash…


And here is my version…I added numbers to the jars :) 


Refreshed my TV Armoire for spring/summer!050


I think my sharpie is just as addicting as the chalk!! :)

 053My newest treasure? I found this lovely PB basket on the side of the road…yes I did too!!! Yay me! :)


My living area….I’m working on a new project which entails a French white buffet to lighten things up a little! I think I will use it as a sofa table. Oh and I’m headed to Ikea very soon in Ottawa Canada to pick up the white EKTORP army chair! :) :) :)


Enjoying my summer break….:)


Aubrey xo


HOPE said...


look at you...recycled sweaters! My fav is the chunky button one! How nice!

The plate...nice artwork!!! little birdie on a branch!

Your inner "art" is surfacing!! LOL

I have a friend who just bought a new home and wants ME to help her decorate! Keep supplying me with ideas!!!


Kelly @ View along the way said...

I LOVE the texture of that sweater pillow against your leather. Gorgeous! Found you from shabby nest. :)

Susan said...

I love that you repurpose and reuse things!! I can not believe you found that beautiful basket on the side of the road!!

Dianne said...

Wow! just found your site through "The Shabby Nest".
I love your ideas!
I am totally copying your plate saying!!! I don't have a CRICUT and have seen so many wonderful Bible verses and sayings and have been wondering HOW I could do this. Thanks so much for a inexpensive, but lovely way to go about it;)

Aubrey said...

Thank yall so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

Megan said...

what a great idea! I need to start saving clothes I love too!!!


Michelle Vandepol said...

it looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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