Sunday, June 19, 2011

Patriotic vintage ceremony


  ugh, I know I promised to show my decoration for my ceremony…I have recovered a few..the photographer only took a few…and I didn’t bring my camera…waaagghhh

Anyway… I will share what I have…like my menu chalkboard??? :) It is only a canvas that I bought on sale for 2.50 at Michael’s and spray-painted black…the chalk wrote very well on the canvas!

menu color

This penant flag was created my daughters! :) we cut them out from card stock…on the blue we drew the stars with chalk! This hung above the food tables across the pavilion!

flags color

The flowers were hand-picked at the park and put in mason jars for the tables…we created the tags from scrapbook paper…we cut out the saying and tied them with ric-rac ribbon to the jars.

brave tag black 

These are cupcakes! So delicious…they were made by an army wife ! :)   

cake with color

Between the posts of the pavilion we created a vintage clothesline of memorbilia from our real wedding and generations in our family that have served the in the military, as well as medals and awards my husband received recently!

light pictures color

Oh yes! And we added a few LOVE letters from dating and deployment! :)

pictures antique

I like you” one of my favorite vintage children’s books! So of course I had to impart some of it’s charm… in scrabble letters !

i like you

Jars were filled with vintage looking candy, paper airplane gliders in vintage paper, and metal yo-yos, ect… Lots of fun!


This was my guest book table….my letters from my soldier, I spray-painted this once hot pink LOVE to use as a paper weight on the guest book! The napkin….a keepsake from our wedding 15 years ago!

 love letters color

My friend and I made six cherry pies…with star-shaped centers…and a vintage sign!  There was a pie for each table.

pie with sepia

I found this plate at a thrift store for a buck –fifty! I was so excited…this was perfect for my little patriotic ceremony, this also had some sentimental meaning…as my mom used to give a turn with the plate on birthdays, ect.  I’m happy to share the tradition with my kids…I think it’s great to use on days we just need to remind our children that they are special!! :)

plate and flags color

I LOVE my vintage photo props…these were made from bbq skewers (I spray-painted red) , felt, and a hot glue gun.  We had lots of fun with these!

funnny couplekissy funny couple color 4 girls funny

I might have went a little crazy with the chalkboard signs…but they’re just sooo cute!

sign here color chips color

Actually….I think I’m just addicted to chalk!!! :)

ceremony with blur boys color with blk

Yay for no sew bow ties!! These were fun to make and at a cheap price of 3 bucks for five bow ties…you cant beat that! The paper pinwheels were super easy to make and I loved how they all turned out!

 boys sepia

I will be posting more decor soon….:)


Aubrey xo

PS> see previous post for part 1 :)


Loree said...

Everything looked so lovely. I love all the things you managed to come up with to give the whole thing a vintage feel.

Aubrey said...

Thanks Loree! It was a lot of fun! :)

Carrie said...

Everything looks so perfect! It's all so creative. You are your mother's daughter!

Aubrey said...

haha thanks Carrie...I try ;)

HOPE said...



mmm? chalk you say??? Dad would go crazy! I know..I'll put DAD's SPOT where he parks..hee hee!

I am so amazed at all the hard work ...handwork you put itto this beautiful event. Your friends are to be commended also for being good sports (the guys-wearing pinwheels!) and the goofy fun gals!
Love 'em. Wish Jessica had been there...AMD ME!

Great photos...captured the event well.


Rene said...

Oh how creative. So many nice details here.

Cozy Home Scenes said...

Everything looks so lovely and there are many great touches that people could use for any type party. I didn't see an e-mail address or I would have asked that way, but would you mind if I took a picture of one of these creative ideas and linked it to a 4th of July feature I'm doing this Friday.

If it is okay with you, please leave a comment on my blog or send my an e-mail. I'll understand if you do not want to do it too.

Kathleen Grace said...

Absolutely beautiful! Unique and creative and it all looks like so much fun. Congratulations:>)

Aubrey said...

Thank you so much Rene, Cozy Home Scenes, and Kathleen Grace for stopping by! :)

Jessica said...

Wish I was there too! Everything is amazing you did an awesome job. A day you will never forget!