Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Listen and learn


The movers came to scope out the house today..taking inventory of all that must make the big move to Germany.  It’s really happening…we’re really moving to another continent….I wonder what it will feel like …how far will America feel to me? How far away will everyone feel to me? 

I always knew my husband and I would never settle down in a certain place for good….at least not yet, even before the Army.  But I never dreamed we would be moving to Europe.  It’s true that every road as a bend in it…as Marilla Cuthbert said to Anne Shirley.  And you never know where that bend is going to take you!

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 I embrace each adventure, a new home, a new friend as a chance to learn something new and grow a little more wiser and get a little more stronger. 

This also happens to be what comes about in our marriage…at least what we’ve experienced…truly every move, every obstacle, and every adventure silly, sad, good, or bad…has brought us closer together.  I love the familiarity that we share, that when we go through things we are so open and transparent about our feelings.  Because of this, we feel and know when we need to be encouraging, when to be silent, and when we just need to hold each other to cry or to dream.  I’ve learned a great deal about LISTENING…..sometimes we just need to listen and read the body language….men aren’t so forthcoming in sharing their feelings or opinions….but by listening when they do speak and understanding when they need space, when they need a hug, or when they simply need to know you trust them, I think they become stronger and encouraged and more readily to share the journey of the adventure with you.

I’m working hard at just listening this week…getting a feel of how my husband and children are handling the move with all the running around, the appointments, the cleaning out rooms, getting rid of things we don’t need, making decisions, the sleeplessness, the fears, and excitements.  It’s amazing when you just slow down and listen to all the noise and chatter around you what you pick up!

 Before you can treat an illness, you have to diagnosis it, before you can pass an exam you have to study, before you bake a cake you have to read the recipe, before you can play the piano, you have to learn the notes……….before you can advise or help encourage your husband, friends, or children… have to listen first!!!

I want to be sensitive to their feelings and to the needs at present…rather than assume and find out the hard way that my assumptions of their feelings or actions were false.

Jesus also tells us to “Be still and know that I am God.”  How can we see God work, feel the comfort of His presence, feel the inner peace in the midst of chaos, if we won’t be still and listen first.


So here’s to listening and learning….

aubrey xo



HOPE said...


Yes...we learn so much as we journey through LIFE. We must learn from every you said...of sadness, happiness, disappointments etc.

It's part of growing...knowing others..and learning strengths. It is also as a Christian..GOD WORKING IN US to refine us and make us BETTER.

We learn how THANKFUL we should be in the smallest matters..and that some things just aren't worth the argument or sadness it can cause.

If we value each days lesson..tomorrow will be that much better!

Germany will be a wonderful experience to be in a different culture and be touched by the way of life others have known. It is amazing to be a part of. You remember, and can share your own experiences with the children.

You will at times feel far far away...but a phone call brings HOME very close..and in heart.

I'm sure you will have many answers to prayer..many blessings to share as GOD goes with you...wherever you are.

Love and hugs

Dianne said...

Once again, such a wonderful, heartfelt post!! "Be still and know that I am God." is one of my favourite verses! If we are still and LISTEN, then we can hear HIM speaking to us!
I wish you God's guidance and blessings as you move to a new country.
I hope you will still be able to continue with this blog. I would miss you very much if you didn't.

mommy2maddie said...

Just started following your blog! Very good reads. Europe! What a wonderful experience. Wishing you all the best in your move :)